how to exclude '._Filenames'

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Does someone know how to exclude files starting with ._ ? I like to exclude files starting with ._ The problem her is that my Mac somehow writes books into the store with one filename ._Book Name and the Book Name itself. When scanning for new books I see the two files. So the only way to get rid of this is manually removing the annoying ._Filename. Another way could be to exclude it from the search. But this is not working. i do have RecycleBin and like to add the ._*, so when I do RecycleBin; .._* it's not working. I tried other ways with a coma and # but I'm not getting there. Does anyone know how to solve this? Many thanks in advance,



in administrative/advanced pannel you can put an exclusion pattern

just write a regex expression that matches your pattern I would suggest  something like


This is what I use as my Exclusion Pattern:


starting from left to right::

(?i) --- ignore case

( --- start outer block

.*/ --- any and all paths in the URL

\.[a-z] --- the \ is an "escape" so \. escapes the period which means treat as a literal "period" period! and [a-z] means any


*.* --- means anything....and and all character combinations

/* --- finishes the URL meaning anything...


ignoring case, any path that somewhere along the directory chain there is a directory that starts with a PERIOD

(this is an exclusion pattern so if there is a match - - the path gets ignored...

| --- the "pipe" is a logical OR... so it could be that first block OR any of the following

(pdf|mobi|azw|djvu) -- this is block #2 - and I should probably rewrite it... but it "should" force ubooquity to ignore PDF, MODI, AZW, and DJVU files... however - in looking at it... it will also block any file/path with "mobile" --- ".*\.(pdf|mobi|azw|djvu)$" might work better....

) --- ends the outer block

    I just tested this on the Java Regex Tester http://java-regex-tester.appspot.com/


    I added the "_" to the part that looks at the path ...  and that should do it.... ( I think ) - - - the tester says it works... but your mileage may vary... try it...