Command line to refresh database - Linux

cirojr 3 years ago updated by Jordan Le Nuff 3 years ago 4

Hey, hello guys. 

Is there a command line I can use to refresh the database, manually. 

I intend to use it in a script. I run the Ubooquity on a Raspberry Pi (Dietpi OS). 




The feature is not available in the current version.

But it's already implemented in my working version, so it'll be part of the next release.

Hello Tom!

nice to see you are still active! Do you have any indication of when and what features are planned in the next version ?

Hello Elouan,

unfortunately not. I've been able to make some progress recently, but I will probably have to put development on hold for a few months.

The only thing I can tell is that I have not given up.

Hi Tom,

I'm a Ubooquity user from years.

I want help (if I can). Is there a GitHub like for Ubooquity ?

Great great thanks for your what you do !