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Ubooquity supports comicsinfo.xml to display comics metadata.

But my comics doesn’t have these xml files.

Is anybody know a place we can download these comicsinfo files ?


If you have ComicRack you can use this guide to use CR + it's extension that will scrape metadata from ComicVine and add it to your files:

My workflow looks something like this:

  • Download comics
  • Rename and move to appropriate directories on disk (i.e. my ubooquity comics library)
  • use CR to look for new files in the specified library
  • convert any .cbr to .cbz (i think since CBR is a .rar format there are issues with being able to write data to that format since it's not open source)
  • use the ComicVineScraper extension in CR to scrape and add metadata to any unscraped files
  • read and enjoy via opds feed on my android tablet from ubooquity to kuboo app

Do I really need them INSIDE of the files?
I have all my XML-information as an external XML-file with the same name as the Comic-file.

you need it inside. But if you have the xml files -with the correct format-, yan can simply drag and drop them inside the cbz (cbz is simply a zip file). If the xml format is correct (comic.xml is sort of a standard now) , ubooquity will read them


thats a no-go then. I won't modify my files. Then they'll get another checksum.

Why do you need the checksum ? What if you regenrate it ?


Because sharing it in DC++ means I need to have the same checksum as everyone else.