browse by categories, authors, etc in opds

Joshua Chaitin-Pollak 9 years ago updated by Maarten 5 years ago 6
Hello, I would like to be able to browse the library by author or category (extracted from calibre) rather than just the raw file structure on disk.
Under review
A legitimate request indeed. I'll add it to my list, but don't expect it soon, unfortunately.

I second the request: would be a very nice to have feature. And since you can read metada, you could add browsing with series along wiht browsing with author

Third to ask again, please consider adding this feature. I would really like to assign categories/tags and search for them.

How strongly is this feature considered on the list anyway?

Edit: When you add it, please add it to the web view as well. Not just the opds.

I, too, second that request. (both for opds and web view).

It would be really great. ;)

Hi, I just started using ubooquity for my e-book collection. Browse by genres present in the metadata would be great indeed!