Not a bug

Admin not able to log in [2.1.2]

Noah Haskell 1 year ago updated by Tom 1 year ago 2

Hello! I've been a long time ubooquity user, and have been using my instance for years without using the admin UI and only changing the config in the text file. I figured I'd probably post now about this as I would like to use the admin GUI.

When I try to do admin setup the client hangs forever with the following errors on the server:

20220503 05:35:15 [qtp1678046232-42] ERROR com.ubooquity.provider.api.admin.c -
Admin page resource not found: angular-aria.min.js.map
20220503 05:35:15 [qtp1678046232-34] ERROR com.ubooquity.provid

My own follow-up would be, is this there a way I can set the admin password in preference.json?

Also, maybe something about my container on freenas is mixed up, as I can't run java --version. 

Not a bug

The error you pasted in not linked to the admin authentication, it's your browser asking for JavaScript debugging files (it happens when you open your browser console and it has no impact at all).

You can't store the credentials in the preference file, but you can generate the "webadmin.cred" file yourself if you want, with a bit of work: