Suddenly most of my covers are gone and replaced with some missing graphic type icon.

Don Maker 2 years ago updated by Dennis slagers 2 years ago 3

Just started recently. I have no idea why, but most of my covers are now a small icon that looks like a torn document.

I cleared the database and did a fresh scan...problem persists. Is it possible that it is still creating covers even though the scan is finished?

Thank you

Is this something that happens if your library gets too big? I don't know what is considered too big, however:

Books Comics
Added/updated 0 0
Removed 0 0
Total 4713 9530

Meh, maybe I will just buy a 1TB microsd for my tablet. Saw them on sale for $239

I have 14K comics, no issue.


can you open the comic?

Can you see the covers (on the server / use CLI ?)

where and how is your installation?

Are the covers having correct system user rights? 

did you change things on your server?

did you check the /log/ folder for the ubooquity.log? do you see errors?

So there is too much variables to say what it could be.