eBooks - Chunky - Ubooquity

dangdingdong 2 years ago updated by Tom Davies 1 year ago 1

Hi, I just found out about Chunky and Ubooquity. I install Ubooquity on VPS, linked to my mounted cloud, and I can just fetch the comics I like to read. Very nice

I tried to scan eBooks on Ubooquity, no issue, read it online through Ubooquity, no issue as well. But I used Chunky to read the eBooks, it only showed the cover. I can't find a way to read the eBooks contain.

Can we use Chunky - Ubooquity to read my eBooks ? What's went wrong ?

please help

thank you

Chunky is a comic reader, not an ebook reader. It doesn't know what to do with ebook formatted files. It will only show you the image files within the ebook, such as the cover or an included map.