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Can we just have some thanks for Tom for the new version (2.1.2)?

Timmo 4 years ago updated by bollings 4 years ago 10

There are a lot of requests and complaints. Ubooquity isn't some massive Apple sized corporation, it's just Tom in his spare time. People sometimes forget this.  Tom has released a new version (2.1.2). Please be polite and say thanks. He works in his spare time on it when he could be doing something else.

I've donated to the project to say thanks. Maybe you should too if you get value out of the product.

Yes, thanks a ton!  I appreciate it.

Just discovered this gem yesterday, alreaday installed and operational with my Calibre Library and comics folder. Everything's work fine. Thank you very much for your work Tom.

huge thanks!!! The fix for the written by field was something I asked about more than a year ago. To find it in this release was a great surprise. Thanks!!

Under review

Thanks for the nice words everyone. :)

Thanks so much for all your work! 

Now it's my turn to add me to the thanksgiver-list : it's always a pleasure reading my ebooks in a browser window or with Kuboo and your great peace of software on my NAS - knowing you at parenthood makes your work much, much worthy and valuable !

So : a very, very big thank you :-) !

Thanks a lot Tom. Just installed it, good fix!

Be brave for the ToDo list ;)


There is no todo list.

Only the Ever Increasing Soul Crushing Backlog of Despair. ;)

Thank you Tom for this invaluable tool


Thanks for this gem. A piece of software I truly love and appreciate! I am most grateful for all your efforts.