Cannot connect to server on chunky app

chemicalsam 3 months ago updated by John A 3 months ago 2

I’m running ubooquity on windows 10, I cannot connect to the server on the Chunky comic iPad app. I put in the address like I access on my iPad normally. username admin and the password I set. However it wont connect and fails 

Are you using the OPDS feed?    It'll be your address with "/opds-comics" at the end.

Or, does your web page have the "Mobile" link at the top?  That gives you the OPDS feed at the bottom.


I am also having issues with using the server.

I keep getting "connection failed"

I got my IP address from my router, it is in the for 192.16X.X.X

So as my server address, I type is 192.16X.X.X:2202/opds-comics

In username and password, I insert the username and password that i created in the security tab on the admin screen.

I still get the same error.

Would love some assistance!