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Necro-ing this thread as I have a working answer that may help people (like me) when I was searching for an answer.

I am adding Ubooquity as a subdomain (books) of my domain ( The intended outcome was to go to and reach my ubooquity server on a docker container managed by Nginx proxy manager.

  • Add a Proxy Host with the desired full url (ie: on the Details tab.
  • Scheme is http even if you implement https on your site (remember this is looking at internal routing!).
  • Forward Hostname/IP is your internal IP of your docker host server (ie: my docker is on a computer with a local IP of That's the IP you want).
  • The Forward Port is the port looking into the docker container (ie: Ubooquity docker non-admin port is 2202. This is the port I want).
  • I always check Websockets Support and Block Common Exploits. You can probably check cache assets as well.

Then go to the Custom Location tab. Here we will add the details of how Nginx make the correct connection to Ubooquity.

  • Under Define Location, put the the url ending that would come after the port in the local address (ie: To access Ubooquity on my local network I would type this into my address bar ''. We want what comes after the port number not including the slashes 'ubooquity'.
  • Scheme is again http, we are still identifying items in our local network.
  • Forward Hostname/IP is again the IP of your docker host server ''.
  • Forward Port is 80.

Finally, on the SSL tab, if you are using SSL, add your server certificate here. I usually check Force SSL and HTTP/2 Support.

There is one little glitch that I can't quite figure out yet is when you browse to the main domain ( it forwards like twenty /ubooquity/ levels then the port number /:2202/. Still works and goes away when you navigate into the main library.

Hope this helps!