Ubooquity V3, beta version

Tom 3 weeks ago updated by Bob ArdKor 2 weeks ago 1

Just a heads-up. 

The first beta version of Ubooquity V3 is quite close to being ready. I wanted to finish and release it before the end of summer (technically September 21st), but I won't: my PC died a week ago and the replacement parts I received today did not solve the issue.

No data was lost, but this means I have to properly diagnose the issue and replace what needs to be replaced before I can resume working on Ubooquity. 

The consequence is that the probable release date of this beta version has shifted to October/November.

No worries man, no one was expecting this for September 21st anyway. 
I'm just glad Ubooquity isn't actually dead (as I'm sure many others are). Hope you can sort out your problems soon!

Any hints on what new features we can expect?