Option to Email list of Latest Additions

Jason Jones 8 years ago updated by Tim Bellomo 6 years ago 6

How about adding "Notifications" option that would allow the user to setup/enter SMTP settings to notify an email recipient/s of anything new added automatically. Perhaps pulling the data or book names from the Latest Additions data?

In other words, anything new added since the last scan would be listed in an email and sent to a recipient list. The recipient would receive an email that would perhaps say something like this:

Message from Jason's Ubooquity Server. The Following Books Were Recently Added:

The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Thor #019

Sandman #023

Click here to view these books....

This would be an awesome feature to help keep users up-to-date.


It's a bit outside of the core functionnalities list I want to restrict Ubooquity to (the idea being to avoid feature creep).

But it might be quite simple to implement, I'll put it in my todo list.

Along these lines, if you're already implementing the SMTP piece, sending a book from the front end would be helpful. It's not Amazon Kindle-specific (emailing ebooks is handy for everyone), but it would greatly benefit those users.

...but i guess this is what you meant about feature creep ::sorry::

Yep, feature creep. :)

I am not completely opposed to the idea of adding this feature (although if it happens, it'll be in a long time, I have a lot of improvements to make to core features first), but I still fail to understand how it is different from downloading the epub file then sending it by email.

A few less clicks, granted, but is this an operation you'd perform so many times it would be worth the cost of implementation ?

Since this got resurrected...  The idea is that you could use the interface to send a book to your kindle email address directly.  In this way, I can expose a library to my son via ubooquity, and he can choose to send the book to his kindle -- FROM his kindle (browsing to the ubooquity site).  The kindle itself can't handle the direct download from the site.

Not sure if that made sense, but just trying to explain why it would be useful.  Kindles can browse and (indirectly) download the books all from the kindle; kind of like an alternative "storefront" for getting books onto the kindle.

Hi both,

In addition, it means that Ubooquity should let the admin the option to consider comics modification (as per scan detection) as deserving a notification to users, or not.

In my case it often happens that I add new downloaded comics to the db.

Then, later (!) I add scrap info and rescan.

=> 1st "addition" would deserve a notif. Not 2nd one...


Would love this feature aswell !