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christophe B 5 years ago updated by Deraja B 3 weeks ago 11


Do you think it is possible in the future to have an option that allows us to manually set a flag read/unread on a comics or a pdf file ?


Him adding the read/unread is already a planned feature - http://ubooquity.userecho.com/topic/623670-write-read-states-to-metadata-files-comic-and-books-alike/

Makes sense to also be able to manually set it.

Under review

Yes it's planned for the next release or the one after.

excellent news !!!!

Can't wait! I'm tired of using these android client workarounds, that only store the status locally. :D

Is there any update on the mark as read feature please?

Recent updates on this are HERE and HERE. Both, already on the front page as recently updated....

i have version 2.1.2 and still no "mark as read" functionality :(

Ubooquity not having a mark as read/unread feature with some little "read" icon on the thumbnail of read books/comics is the main reason I've tried every alternative to Ubooquity but wasn't satisfied with any of them so I just stuck with Ubooquity anyway and just used some external solution to try to keep track of what I've read. I definitely wouldn't mind paying for a paid version of Ubooquity if it had that feature. Or giving it a go myself if it ever becomes open-source.

Give this theme a go.


Here's what mine looks like right now, it isn't perfect but it's better than nothing. I may try to add "Mark Read" to the dropdown to set the current page number to last page now that I'm thinking about it.

Oh, and be aware the progress bar may not show up on all comics right away. Mine started with just showing up on Latest Comics and after a couple days showed up on all of them.


Nevermind on trying to add a button, I dang near marked my entire library as read while playing with that thing. I don't know JS or Jquery at all, so I'll leave that to someone else.

Man.. it was planned 5 years ago..   I get being busy but after checking year after year I am starting to wonder if this thing will ever be updated.  Still love the program, still the best one I can find just really hoping we can get some much needed features soon.  Thank you.