[Feature Request] - Done reading icon

Think Strategy 4 years ago updated by Tom 4 years ago 2

What i mean by this feature is having for example a little red dot for not read it yet and a green little dot for already read it at the side of each comic, book etc. Or something similar. Hope you get my point. This maybe all could be saved in a sort of *.txt or *.conf file where you see the books/comics/raw files who have been read could be named in that text file. This is very handy for if you might migrate/upgrade or something, you just take that text file with you and future library can scan that text file and does remember what you already have read.

Why this feature request, i have already read a few books/comics in my library, but i don't really want to delete them from the library. Why? Because it is a library, you do not throw out knowledge :P. [/hoard mentality]

Nevermind.. double post, did not find this idea before. I will add extra feature request story to the other one.