Ubooquity WebView for Android Phones and Tablets

Seth Chhim 4 years ago updated by Cristiam Viera Burneo (Frikor) 3 years ago 3

I have developed a small Android app for my own personal use and would like to share it. It is a simple WebView wrapper but offers two features I wanted: 1. Fullscreen Immersive Mode and 2. Swipe to turn page. I would like to ask the admins of Ubooquity if it is ok to publish this? I would like to ask considering it contains the title "Ubooquity WebView". No ads or unnecessary permissions in this package.

Damn, I love people smart people!


Nice ! :)

If you want to use the "Ubooquity" name though, please call your app "WebView for Ubooquity" and state clearly in the descritpion that this is a third party app.