Access Search Results with OPDS

Seth Chhim 4 years ago updated by Tom 4 years ago 9

@Tom Is it possible to search and receive results through OPDS? Thanks!


Yes !

I have already implemented the search functionality described in the official OPDS spec:


Thank you, exactly what I need.

Low priority request:

I am looking for a way to reference search results with the directory it resides in. The path I'm looking for is represented like this:


Search results offer me four links to work with for each entry but not the current directory I require:





I would like to request an additional link added to search result entries:

rel="{CUSTOM_SPEC}" href="/opds-comics/{CURRENT_WORKING_DIRECTORY_ID}/?displayFiles=true"

This is valuable to me so I can interact with the proper surrounding entries if I work with a search result. I understand if further deviating from OPDS specifications is not desirable and consider this a very low priority request.

Thanks for your time.

Added to the backlog.

Thats great, thank you if you decide to work on it. That would solve the pagination issue I have for search results.

I also have a problem where I am trying to get a listing of all items inside a folder in the event the server limits 'items per page'. Is there any way I can query something like "&index=all"?

Given the size of the collection of some Ubooquity users, I'm not sure getting all the items at once is a good idea... ;)

I get that the page size defined for web pages is not ideal for OPDS pagination, but for now they are linked.

Couldn't you iterate over OPDS pages one after another to get the full list when it exceeds the page size ?

The proper way to do it would be to write a real and clean REST API, but my backlog is still growing faster than I can catch up... :(

Bug report:

OPDS search results do not show directories as a result, only single items. The web based browser does show directories properly. Thanks for the consideration.

Added to backlog as well, but this is not a bug: OPDS search is supposed to return only entries, not categories (in Ubooquity's case, folders are just some specific OPDS categories)

Ok I understand this makes sense. I actually prefer only entries show up, just wondering about the difference. Thank you.