Challenger Viewer - Limit of 20 Comics / Folder using OPDS

Sean 4 years ago updated by Tom 4 years ago 2

First, thanks for making a super application - it works very well.

I can't seem to solve an issue - using Challenger Viewer, I can sync OPDS-COMICS from Ubooquity however for some reason if a folder on the server contains more than 20 comics, Challenger Viewer will only group them into clusters of 20 per thumbnail - then will begin creating additional groups of 20 in a new generically titled "Comics" thumbnail rather than using metadata names.

Web viewing works just fine - not sure if this is an Ubooquity question or a Challenger question?

Aside from this little frustration, Ubooquity works very well as a home-based book server!

You can try to set items per page in the Ubooquity settings. Set a higher number like 1000.


The OPDS feed is served page by page, each page containing a few items (in your case, 20).

So the solution offered by Seth will probably work, but will serve huge OPDS pages (not really a problem though).

The real cause is probably the pagination managament done by Challenger Viewer. You should try contacting its author.