: no such file or directory when attempting to run ubooquity.sh

Porphiron 4 years ago updated by Francois Davoust 4 years ago 3


Title says it all, I've changed permissions and moved both the jar and sh files to /opt/ubooquity and still no joy.

I've had a look in the sh file and can see no issues

Am stumped

Cheers all


Here is my setup. It works for me. Jar and sh in same directory.

sh has a single line:

java -Duser.dir="/home/seth/Ubooquity" -jar /home/seth/Ubooquity/Ubooquity.jar

Hi Seth,

Thanks very much for that...This seems to work over the official shell script, still scratching my head over why am getting the error....but then am running xubuntu dev branch so could be that.




Same issue here.

I solved it by using dos2unix (#dos2unix ubooquity.sh)

The script runs fine after the transformation.

Best regards.