Next Update?

Jason Jones 4 years ago updated by Bobby Hill 4 years ago 6

So it's been a while since the last update, any idea or time frame for the next release?


I stopped providing estimations: software development is already hard to plan when doing it as your primary activity, respecting deadline on a side project is just impossible.

That being said, I can tell you what I still have to do before releasing the next version.

Two big tasks took me months in 2016: replacing the internal web server (using Jetty instead of NanoHTTPD) and rewriting Ubooquity UI.

They are done.

Now I'm working on bookmark synchronization. Once this feature is done, I'll realease Ubooquity 2.0 as a beta and work on minor features and bug fixes for a time, then release a stable 2.1.

I'd like to think that I'll be able to release 2.0 before spring, But I already said I wanted to release it by Christmas, so I'll just say "when it's done".

Understood, and thanks for the update!


+1 for server based bookmarking! 😍

Right now on my app, I have client side bookmarking for Ubooquity 1.10.1. If you are going to implement a server side bookmark with opds support could you also include a Ubooquity version number in the opds feed. This way I could implement both and switch if the user has not upgraded yet. Thanks for the consideration.

  • Now I'm working on bookmark synchronization.

I'm squealing like a little girl whose daddy just came home from deployment right now.