Remote access for changing IP addresses

awrutter 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

I am having difficulty with a regularly changing public IP address from my ISP. Is there a way Ubooquity can be set up to allow logins that can sync the public IP between server and client?

Almost daily I have to log into my PC remotely to find what the public IP is to manually update it on the client/browser and I just know I'll get bored of that before too long. Think it would be of benefit for lots of users.


I would recommend setting up a dynamic dns. This will create an address that redirects to your server and can be updated in the background regularly.



+1 for Duckdns, as it works fine. I ran into an issue with also running a VPN on the same machine, and DuckDNS would see the VPN IP when what I needed was my direct IP from my ISP.

Alternatively, do you use a Synology NAS? This way you get your actual IP, regardless of what your server has.


Not sure if other companies offer a DNS package, but I've been using the one with Synology without issue.

Also, what you're asking for.... can't be done? Not without a DNS service of some sort, like Duck or Synology offer. Ubooquity itself doesn't really care what your WAN IP is, it's just watching for inbound traffic on the assigned port. It has no way to tell you what your new WAN IP is without you remoting in and looking for yourself.

It's like, if your address changed while you were away, and the post office is the only place that knows your new address. But you're driving to your old address to find that your key doesn't fit the locks anymore. You need to stop by, or call, the post office (DNS service) to find out your new address. Your house can't call you and tell you, it's just a pile of bricks that doesn't care where it is.

Ubooquity = a pile of bricks. Tom, I apologize. :P

Excellent feedback, I will try Duckdns and see how I get on. Thanks everyone :)

DuckDNS is perfect, thank you for the suggestion