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opds book reader

Mike 3 years ago updated by CraftyClown 3 years ago 4

can anyone recommend a good book/magazine opds reader that connects nicely with ubooquity. I have looked into a couple via the playstore and have not found one yet that UI isnt clunky feeling.

Nope. I've looked and looked, myself, but ultimately just stick with the web reader.

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On Android you can use ComicViewer for Ubooquity or Challenger Comics Viewer.

On iOS there is Chunky Comic Reader.

I may have forgotten/overlooked some other apps...


I just pushed an update for my app, ComicViewer for Ubooquity 1.7.1. It now supports /opds-books/ servers and the ability to read epub files. I am testing with the Ubooquity Server 2.0.2 BETA and highly recommend using it. My goal was to make something light and quick. Check it out if you would like to!

Note: Epub reader can not click on any links, and is limited to portrait mode for now.

I can highly recommend Seth's ComicViewer. It really is the best solution right now for Ubooquity. It's so fast, elegant and easy to use.

Now if only we could add downloading for offline access, then it would become hands down the best comic solution there is. ;)