[2.0.2] How to change admin password in admin interface

Matthieu 3 years ago updated by Tom 3 years ago 4

Hi Tom,

I could not find a way to change the admin password in the admin interface.

(Which is preventing me to give you temporary access for the pdf thumbnails issue).

Is-it me not looking at the right place, or is-it missing in the admin panel?




I’d love a feedback please :)


The admin password is stored (as hash) in "webadmin.cred". Just move/delete it, clean the relevant Cookie (or use Private Browser Mode) and set a new one upon loading the admin page.

Cheers RiC 

Thanks. I knew more or less this set-up.

But that’d deserve a more... user friendly HMI way, isn’t-it? :)


Sorry for the lack of answer, I sometime (often ?) miss messages on this forum.

In my defense the FAQ already has the info:


As for an option in the UI, it makes sense. But it's not high priority for now as it's not a blocking issue.