macbook Pro/Comcast XFinity Public Access

Cameron 3 years ago updated by Seth Chhim 3 years ago 1

I had previously been successful in setting up Ubooquity on my MacBook pro/ipad/comcast router. Then the ip address on Ubooquity updated from a 10.0.0..... ip to a 192.168...... ip and it's not worked ever since. I'm not sure if I'm correctly forwarding my port on my comcast router, as I was really just guessing on those steps. I can access my comics via web browser both inside my home network and outside (on my iPhone 4g) but I cannot get it to work with chunky anymore (the whole point of me using this server). I have odds enabled in the advanced menu of ubooquity, I disabled user accounts so it should be open to all, and I attempted to connect via myipaddress:2202/opds-comics and still nothing. any help would be greatly appreciated as this is the last piece I need to really just have the perfect digital comic reading experience. 

You say you can access your comics via web, does that mean the opds xml feed? If you can access your opds feed from a web browser that is good news, it is working properly. In that case, double check your ip address format. Notice the forward slash at the end (this depends on the client). Example: ""