OPDS feed question: # of comics per folder

Cesar Sanchez 3 years ago updated by Tom 3 years ago 3

Hi - Is the number of comics per folder present in the OPDS feed? I'm asking this because for example it could be very useful to have an icon in Seth's app showing this information on each folder.



If this is considered could you please also add folder metadata like the cover thumbnail of the first item. Right now I have to parse every folder opds page to get this first image. It would be really convenient if the opds feed provided it.


Please cancel both requests. I have found a great solution by only reading part of the stream. This enables me to pull partial data from an input stream. I got lucky since both data points are at the top of the feed.

My xml feed pull went from up to 1MB to 4kb, so this allows me to make multiple requests comfortably.



Nice ! I didn't know this one. :)