Feature Request - ComicVine Intergration

Ray Rawls 3 years ago updated by Seth Chhim 3 years ago 3

Rather than creating XML files to be added to cbz or cbr's or using a top level XML file in a directory, it would be interesting if a lookup could be done on when comics are added to the library to update the DB with information on the added book from ComicVine, or on demand.  I'm sure you have a large list to work through but this would be a nice to have.  

The only reason I suggest this feature is that if I were to use something like comictagger, I would have to re-upload my entire 1TB+ collection again to my cloud backup location, since this would be considered a changed file.  

Thanks as always!


I looked into this a few years ago (you're not the first to ask about this) and rejected the idea for the following reason:

  • It would require waaaay too much time to implement


  • ComicVine is good for US comics but is not usable for european/japanese comics. To do something "universal" I would have had to find and integrate other databases -> even more work and complexity
  • Storing metadata inside files (be it a picture, a book, a comic...) is a better practice than storing them in an external database: metadata have a 1:1 relationship with the file they describe, also if you want to stop using Ubooquity and use another software, the database becomes useless to you.
  • Given how little I have to work on Ubboquity, I prefer to focus on a "single" feature, which is content access (meaning giving you a way to browse and read your books). Content edition (like getting and inserting metadata) is a whole other family of features that would entail quite a few problems.
    For instance, Ubooquity never modifies user documents. So I don't need to worry about corrupting or erasing your books by mistake. The day I allow Ubooquity to modify this files, I'll have to be a lot more careful.

So, sorry, it won't happen.

I looked into this and my strategy was to bind external data to the unique id of a book item. Unfortunately I underestimated how vast the api library was and accuracy was a major issue. Unless your file naming convention was perfect, finding the correct item was a painful endeavor. It would be too much work for a less than permanent solution so I abandoned it completely.

No worries thanks for laying it out, good reasoning.