Not a bug

Split L2R or Split R2L does nothing

l2389535 3 years ago updated by Tom 3 years ago 4

I noticed that clicking between "Split L2R", "Split R2L", and "No Split" has no effect on what I'm reading. I tried this with pdf and CBRs, both with books and comics. There are no errors in the logs. I tried this in Chrome and Internet Explorer but no dice.

What am I missing here? My expectation is that its supposed to split two pages on to the screen, but I'm not sure why its not working.

Under review

Did you try it on a double-page ?

If so, in which browser ?

I am seeing the same on current Chrome & Firefox. CBR & PDF. (Server: Synology DSM 6)

Ok, after further testing it does appear to work. I found a comic with a couple of double pages and the buttons work as intended. Still testing PDFs.