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Opening the ePUB reader from reverse proxy https points to http and breakes Close Book functionality

RiC 7 years ago updated by Dick Smits 2 years ago 4

I am running Ubooquity on a Synology DiskStation  with DSM 6. Using the provided settings interface I mapped the local Ubooquity port to a subdomain, say ub.server.com to localhost:2202 As a side effect i can use the https services provided by the DS (automatic certificate management for instance). The entire setup works like a charm, with one little annoyance. While both PDF and Comic reader work fine from https subdomain, returning from the ePUB reader to library browsing via the "Close Book" button fails. Reason: Opening the ePUB reader looses the https connection and points to  http://ub.server.com/epubreader/220065/titlepage.xhtml instead of https://ub.server.com/epubreader/220065/titlepage.xhtml. Adding the the https manually allows the reader to be closed via the appropriate button.

Under review

Thanks for the detailed description. I'll investigate and let you know what I find.

Any resolution? My ubooquity is having the same issue. Mine is reverse proxied behind nginx in debian. 

I was able to find a band-aide a resolution. You have to just force all http traffic to be pushed to https https://pastebin.com/vc6h177Y. Here is my nginx block. The main part that matters is the "rewrite ^(.*) https://$host$1 permanent;" The only downside is I had to open up port 80 on my server for this to work. 


Four years later this is still the case. When accessing the Ubooquity port 2202 via an SSL tunnel epubreader swiches back to htttp when the "read" button is clicked. Manually changing http to https "fixes" this.

Instead of a rewrite rule i would like epubreader fixed. Cannot find what causes this in the jar file.

Also cannot find the original source of epubreader, THe original codeplex site is dead.