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Opening the ePUB reader from reverse proxy https points to http and breakes Close Book functionality

RiC 3 years ago updated by Nick Leffler 3 years ago 3

I am running Ubooquity on a Synology DiskStation  with DSM 6. Using the provided settings interface I mapped the local Ubooquity port to a subdomain, say ub.server.com to localhost:2202 As a side effect i can use the https services provided by the DS (automatic certificate management for instance). The entire setup works like a charm, with one little annoyance. While both PDF and Comic reader work fine from https subdomain, returning from the ePUB reader to library browsing via the "Close Book" button fails. Reason: Opening the ePUB reader looses the https connection and points to  http://ub.server.com/epubreader/220065/titlepage.xhtml instead of https://ub.server.com/epubreader/220065/titlepage.xhtml. Adding the the https manually allows the reader to be closed via the appropriate button.

Under review

Thanks for the detailed description. I'll investigate and let you know what I find.

Any resolution? My ubooquity is having the same issue. Mine is reverse proxied behind nginx in debian. 

I was able to find a band-aide a resolution. You have to just force all http traffic to be pushed to https https://pastebin.com/vc6h177Y. Here is my nginx block. The main part that matters is the "rewrite ^(.*) https://$host$1 permanent;" The only downside is I had to open up port 80 on my server for this to work.