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Kuboo - Ubooquity Client for Android

Seth Chhim 1 month ago • updated 4 days ago 27

Hello, I'm back with a refactor of my Android work. I decided to rebrand (Kotlin + Ubooquity = Kuboo). This time the project is a more modular build and also fully open sourced available on Github. I am getting more comfortable with Kotlin and I hope it shows here with many performance improvements and bug fixes.

Give it a try if you would like! Post any bugs or requests on Github Issues, not this thread please.



Under review

Very nice !

I've started working with Kotlin too (on backend applications though, not on Android) and I plan to gradually convert Ubooquity to it.

How I configure the server? I added the and nothing appears in browse tab  :/

1. Enable the OPDS feed in the Ubooquity server's administration settings.

2. Use the address or , depending on which one you want to access. 2202 is the default port, change it accordingly.

Nop, i have setted everything as you say: "", without the "", and the app says  "folder is empty!" :(

Here are some steps for you to troubleshoot, pardon me if you have already done these steps.

1. Enable OPDS feed in Ubooquity and save settings, it should look like this:

2. Try your "" url in any web browser it should pull up the OPDS feed (XML) and look like this:

If the opds feed is missing from the browser, it is a server issue. It it shows in your browser but missing in the app, it is a client issue. Let us know what problem you have.

The feed (XML) appears in my browser but not in the app :/

1. Can you please confirm you wrote the server address in the IP Address box and not Server Name box

2. Looks like a local address, is the device connected to the same network.

Yes, i have the ip address in the ip address box hehe :) In server Name i put  "PC". I wrote wrong the ip adres, it ends in 101, not 100, but not works anyway.. Same problem..

My PC with the server is conected via LAN cable (UTP) to my router, and my cellphone connects to the same router, but in wifi, or WLAN.. Can be this the cause of my problem? :P

Your network setup sounds fine. Try the server url in a web browser of the mobile device, not your server pc. I suspect maybe the port is blocked by a firewall or router.

Indeed, i cant access from the web browser on my android phone.. Maybe i should take a look on my router config to open the port 2202?

Yes sounds like that is it. Open ports in your operating system firewall and on your router, forward the port to your server.

great work!  love the download feature. presume we must manually clean this up as necessary
Don't understand the tracking/ interval part...?

Note: a download is considered in the same series if it is in the same folder.

Download tracking will download the next items in the series automatically so they will be available offline. It will also delete the finished download for you. The limit of download per series can be set in settings.

Here is an example, say you downloaded Book #4 of series. When you enable download tracking and the limit is set to 3, Books # 5, 6, and 7 will be downloaded. When you finish Book #4, it will be deleted and Book #8 will  be queued. This tracking will keep your downloads up to date with your reading progress.

There are multiple triggers to start your tracking queue including a timed interval. Hopefully the queue will start up once your connection comes back up if it was once unavailable.

Hope this makes sense, still a work in progress but the main functionality is there.

Are there plans for more options when browsing the collection? Right now it is really cluttered as it only has space for about 3 letters before starting a new line.  It's really hard to understand what I am looking at with 2 columns that can't list the entire title without wrapping around.

I also notice it doesn't generate the thumbnail on alot of the folders.

I forwarded your message to the issue tracker. Thanks for the feedback, I will look into it and respond there.

This is what my library looks like.

The no thumbnail appears to be an issue with sub-directories. All of the folders that have no subdirectories show thumbnails fine. If there are subfolders, no thumbnail.

Thanks this is useful, I am looking into it.

If I disable the option for "Favorite", the star will go away and the listing looks better. The star is really shoving all of the text aside. The Favorites option is on by default so this is why it was so alarming at first glance.

I see resolution is 2560x1440 but can you post how big the screen size (inches) is so I can mock it in emulator.

It's 5.5 inches I believe. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Wow. Nice!


I just updated the app. It looks much better. Didn't realize that it wasn't supposed to be 2 rows.

Still not generating thumbnails on a lot of folders

Thumbnails only show if the directory contains media directly, not its subfolders. This is a limitation of the server's opds feed. I don't want to make the app fire multiple chains of network requests and crawl multiple subdirectories to find a thumbnail as it will affect performance. This would be a great feature request for Ubooquity.

hi great app.

Just wanted to know if theres a way to list comics in file order as some of my issues are all over the place 


Spider-Man 001 

Spider-Man 002

Spider-man 003

Spider-Man 101

Spider-man 102

Spider-Man  004


I forwarded your message to the issue tracker. Thanks for the feedback, I will look into it and respond there.

Great job!!!!

I suppose that you will be introduce new features in the future. Do you have a list of them?

Thanks for your effort.

I do not have a roadmap but I this has been a passion project of mine for quite a while now. You can follow development or post issues on github. Thanks for trying out the app.