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Ubooquity doesn't seem to remember my reading history

Praveen Reddy 2 years ago updated by lostndessence 8 months ago 7

I'm running Ubooquity on my Synology DS3617xs NAS via a Docker container.  The image I'm using is the linuxserver/ubooquity one.  

My primary reason for using Ubooquity is for its comic streaming capabilities.  I have a large number of CBR's and CBZ's.

Can someone please advise on how I can get Ubooquity to remember my reading history?  For some reason, it doesn't.

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Hello Praveen,

Ubooquity tracks the last page you read for a given book.

By default the page number is stored on the server.

But there is an option in the "Advanced" tab of the administration settings that allows you to have the page number stored in a cookie (so in the browser instead of on the server).

Both should work (although the cookie option doesn't work if you use different browser or devices, obviously).

If you have any idea as how to describe you issue with a bit more details, it might give me a lead as to why the feature doesn't work in your case.

I think he means that read comics can't be marked as such.

Correct.  Ubooquity doesn't remember:

  1. which comic(s) I've read
  2. at what point I've stopped reading in a comic

By contrast, Comicstreamer does remember, by default.

Point 2 (reading progression save) is already implemented.

If you open a comic or book you already begun to read with the online reader, it should open at the page you left.

If it doesn't work this way for Praveen, then there is a problem. But without more details (errors in the logs, specific setup...) I can't investigate.

Thanks, Tom.  Apologies for the extremely late reply.  

I don't use the online reader.  My primary reader of choice is Chunky on iPad.  I'm looking for the functionality whereby I start reading a comic (comic book 1) and then midway through, I open another comic (comic book 2).  Once I'm done with comic book 2, I want to re-open comic book 1, but I want it to open where I left off.

My setup is:

- Synology DS3617xs

- Ubooquity via the Linuxserver docker container

- Chunky comic reader on iPad


I think if you are not using the online reader it will not keep track of your place in the comic, since you are now reading the comic somewhere else. If you're downloading the file and opening the file in another app, Ubooquity has no way to follow that file and keep track of it. 

If you do use the online reader it will keep track of things the way you are expecting, but as stated above, it will not marked your thumbnails as read or reading.