Are there any plans for coming updates or releases?

bollings 2 years ago updated by Are Finstad 2 years ago 6

Hi Tom! Thanks for this fantastic piece of software! I love it and use it daily. I post this just because I am curious if you are still actively working on new features and improvements. I understand its your personal project and you also need to make a living and that things take the time they take.

But maybe you are getting close to finishing something that will be published?

Just curious about the progress and wont take any news as a promise. Thanks again!


Hi Bollings,

Yes, the project is still alive !

I know it's been a while since I released a version.

There are several reasons for that, the youngest of these being just over one year old. ;)

The main feature I want to add for now is the display of the reading status for books and comics (unread, in progress, finished). For that I have to modify the user interface a bit.

So I decided to change the way pages are rendered (using templates instead of code) and implement full pages themes (allowing the theming of the HTML structure, not just CSS and image).

It's been a bit dull and painful to do, hence the lack of release for a long time.

I don't know when the next one will be (I stopped giving estimates a long time ago), but I'd like to be done with this one to be able to go back to a more regular release period.

So yes, still working on it !

Remote reading status list sounds amazing, I hope it will be available through opds. Thanks for the update.

Thanks for the update, love the work and look forward to what’s next. An on deck function would be lovely and natural continuation of status badges. Cheers!

Tom, thank you for the update!  I've found that I frequently forget just how far I am into a bigger book, or how far in a given series with multiple books on my server.  I'm using Chunky for iPad to stream things, and I'm doing a lot of guessing when bouncing between series.  Thanks for everything you've done, and for looking into implementing this. :)


Main future I would love seeing in would be to have it pickup next file in folder when you have finished reading the current.

If I a serie spanning multiple hundred files reading page 1-32 then closing book, scrolling down to find next book in series to read next can be a bit of a bother when you get lost.

Also big thanks for keeping the project alive, if you do find you needing help give a shoutout


With the additional info on the read-states, i would love an option for a filtered view of the whole collection. Removing the read issues if set to unread for example.

This will make it easier to handle large collections at a glance and allows the user more easily read down their whole collection issue by issue.

Having a filter to also show only read issues can also have uses. so an unfiltered view like we have now that shows everything as is. And two filters, with with unread only and one with read only.
This should be a rule globally like the sort and view options we already have for each page.

The only real thing missing would be better reading and generation of Story-Arc pages and Publisher/Imprint linking like how the