Better search fields

Are Finstad 5 years ago updated by Mr. SimPle (asd) 3 years ago 4
the Search fields should be able to access metadata from our comics/books and not just the series name.
the search field should try to find hits in all metadata fields (Writer, Publisher, Characters, Synopsis, Genre, Tags and so on)

the search field should also let the user pick what type of search you are doing (if you are searching for just one metadata field)

say if i search for Batman in my Comic collection, it will only find comics with Batman in the series name field and not anywhere else like Detective Comics (which Batman is the main character off) even tho the name Batman is in almost every Synopsis and Character field of the comics in series.
Yeah it would be nice to have an "advanced" search with more fields to be able to search in genre for example.
Under review
It was part of the initial design I had in mind for Ubooquity. So I might add it in the future.

I'm also looking for that feature! Might be awesome if this feature supports custom tags as well.