Books & Magazines

martin harrington 6 days ago • updated 8 hours ago 6

Could we get Books & Magazines as 2 separate and distinct sections. I like to see my 'proper' books distinct from the newstand style Magazines as I don't think they look great together. thanks


A future version will add user defined sections. So you'll be able to have different sections based on the folder your documents are in.

this is brilliant news, thank you. It nay be a case of how long is a piece of string but would you have any indication of timescales are we talking weeks or months?


Months. Lots of.

(I have other matters to finish before being able to allocate the time Ubooquity development requires).



could you re-consider your position about open-sourcing ubooquity please? You've done a fantastic job, but many features/improvements are not beeing developped because you are lacking the time for it. I Believe a few of us would be willing to do somthing about it, but can't do anything until you release the code

This very much. Unfortunately I've have been forced into trying to look elsewhere for features such as reading status, user defined categories, image quality and other highly requested features that are missing. There's nothing quite there, but a number of projects I've seen are up and coming have most of this planned or being built. The second something better comes along, a majority of users will jump ship. I think there's a number of us on this site that are experienced developers (myself included) that could contribute to a significant improvement to turnaround of these types of requests, but unfortunately this great software feels held back by a single developer with limited resources. We're here to help, just needs to move to open source to be something truly incredible. 

something akin to the KODI model would be amazing to move things forward.