Open Source Ubooquity

Elouan 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2


I really appreciate your work on ubooquity, and would be eager to collaborate on improving it. you mentionned in a couple of places that you may consider making ubooquity open-source, have you made progress on the idea? There are a lot of features that could be implemented/improved and I'm sure it could go faster if we went collaborative on ubooquity


I have thought about it and decided against open, sourcing Ubooquity.

Merging pull requests and "managing" a community are not activities I would do for fun (I'm already doing enough of this at work).

So open sourcing Ubooquity would only result in frustration for contributors and/or a complete loss of control over my work when somebody decides to fork it.

If at some point I get bored and stop working on it, then I'll open source Ubooquity so that it can continue to evolve and improve.

In the meantime, I'll work toward making Ubooquity more modular and open to "external" modifications (I'm thinking themes and plugins).

When I see what some users already accomplished with themes (although the modifications Ubooquity currently allows are pretty limited), it encourages me to give them more tools to work with.

:-( too bad, for once that I was wiling to participate in the development of a project and had some knowledge of the langage