Why is there no "How to Add a User" or "How to Access Outside Network" Guide?

Brian Evangelista 8 months ago updated by Dave P 1 month ago 13

All I'm looking for is a simple How To.  I installed Ubooquity, I scanned my Comics folder... Now what?  How do I add a User? How does that user connect to my Ubooquity? Does he also install Ubooquity?  Very confused why there isn't a guide on the Main page on how to USE the program....only how to install it LOL.


There are both a Quickstart Guide and User Manual.  https://vaemendis.github.io/ubooquity-doc/pages/installation-guide.html the link for the User Manual is there.


Ya...did you read them? Neither one of them tells you how to add a remote user like I stated in the original post.  All it tells you is how to install the program, not how to setup the server or to setup remote connections.

i agree with this guy. i have been at this for 2 days. watched youtube videos. googled it every way i can think of. i dont know how people are just glossing over this step. how do you access the library from other computers? 

it's because it's free software. You aren't paying for fancy how tos and user manuals. You want an 800 number too? I and countless others have been able to use ubooquity with the given resources. If not, ask others on this user to user forum, not demand like you're entitled paid user. 

you don't have to setup a user , you just point your browser to your ip address. You may need to configure your router for port forwarding. The default library port is 2202 and admin port is 2203. 

start by seeing if you can hit it from inside your network or from localhost. It's just one more hop from ther3 having access remotely. 

See if you can access it from localhost and let us know.

also I use both the web client and Kuboo which is an android app.  But any comic or ebook app that support opds should work but Kuboo is very painless setup. I find the web interface just fine but I also like kuboo

the manual does clearly state how to access your library locally so I'm guess you are having problems remotely. Two things 

find your external ip address at whatsmyip.com

Point your browser to your external ip and append the 2202 port like this x.x.x.x:2202

that should do it. If not you'll need yo open port 2202 on your router. Here's a guide for that. The directions are different for very router but tbere are instructions for the most popular and also basic info to help


after you do this you should be able to access you library from anywhere in the world. 

you can also get fancy and buy a domain so you don't have to remember your ip address

hope this helps let us know if it doesn't work 

i realized my mistake later that night. i thought the instructions where for lunux setup so i was skipping them. 

that being said, i appreciate the help. you have gotten me closer than ever, but im still not there. 

i set up port forwarding in my router. i set it up also in the windows firewall. i think.
i can access it locally with my internal ip address and the :2202. i can also do local host.
but for some reason i just cant get it on the outside. i used my external ip address, and plugged that into the address bar with the 2202.
i now realize i did not set up static ip address for it since every time i reset the router, the external ip address changes. but regardless, it should still work wile i still have the ip address figured out.
i confirmed that the port is open with port forward checker. but when i have ubooquity running, it says the port is closed. no idea why that would be.
but after all that, its still just not connecting externally. i have been at this for 3 days.

any more help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


So I gotta tell all my gamer friend my ip address? No thank you. I'll just wait until Plex comes out with support for comics because obviously this program isn't fit for Users.  Plex is so much better than this GUI-less piece of crap.

ive been fighting with plex for comics for 5 months. i had albums organized pretty well, but it would just crash when ever it tried to scan stuff. did a lot of research on it. plex is not good for this stuff, and its not going to get better. in fact they have discontinued any feature that might have led to it being better. 
this is your only option. 
also, if u buy a domain for like $5 you can assign your ip to it, so guys just have to type in "brianscomics.com" or some shit. 


i got it finally. by seting up a no-ip account that i found in my router settings, i can make a link, that acts as my ip address. so i put the link that it gives me, and then just put :2202 at the end. 
but i had to have my router port forward my INTERNAL ip address 192.168blablabla to forward to 2202. i did both tcp and udp. finally when i got that, and i ran the no-ip, it FINNALY worked. i hope that helps someone. 

Windows 10, current build, Java current, Firewall is Windows Defender. 

I set up the no-ip, forwarded the internal ip on my router to 2202, used tcp/udp.  Verified javaw was a firewall pass through for both private and public. Can connect internally, still can't connect externally.  Does ANYONE have any ideas?


just because you dont understand how to use it doesnt mean its crap... and it issent gui-less as there is a webinterface... just like in plex...

and it issent that hard to configure either.

1. start the Jar file

2. go to YOURIP:2203/admin

3. add users under security

4. add comic folder under comics

4b add users to added comic folder

and your done..

and if you want people to use this give them your IP or create a subdomain if you have a domain or create an DDNS 

If I set up a user and give permission to a folder, ubooquity library shows empty. If I delete user and disable user login, it's work perfectly.. 

any reason?