Clear Username Cache

nebulam57 7 months ago updated 7 months ago 6


  Is there any way to clear the Username cache on the login page?  I have some old usernames I want to remove cause they keep popping up.  Gets annoying.  I'd like to clear the list and rebuild again as I go along.  But I can't find where they're located to clear them.  Would love some help!




This list is managed by your browser, Ubooquity does not cache user logins.

Yes, I figured it was.  I don’t think it’s Ubooquity itself holding the past logins.  But that list appears regardless of the computer I use.  Even if I connect from my desktop at work, the same cached list appears.  That makes me think the cached list is actually located on the Ubooquity server machine.

  Also, I use the same Chrome user across several pc’s and I know Chrome sync’s itself across them. So I suspect the cached list is in this sync’d data. 

  Regardless, I still need to know how to clear that cache.  I’m using Chrome.  Upon looking further I found the cached text in a file called Web Data under my default profile in the Chrome directory.  I don’t know if i can just delete that file or not.  I would think there would be a “clear cache” function or something.  However the clear cache / history feature in Chrome does not seem to clear this.  This shouldn’t be this difficult. Just hoping soneone may know how to clear this.  



in chrome just go to settings and scroll down to  autofill and click on passwords.

there search for the accounts you dont want to see anymore and delete them via the 3 dots behnd the account 

oh wow, maurizio, that’s perfect.  I will try that shortly.  Thank you very much!   


  Wanted to reply since I tried what you said.  That didn't actually resolve the issue.  However, I did find that you can delete individual list entries by pressing Ctrl-Delete when entry is highlighted.  So next time you go to enter a username or do a search and you get a dropdown box with loads of previous entries, you can just highlight the entry with either your arrow keys or place you mouse cursor over the entry (without clicking it) so that it highlights and then press CTRL-DELETE and it will remove the entry from the list.  That's exactly what I was after.  I've cleaned up several lists I've had for months!  Woohoo!  haha

  I do appreciate your help tho!  Just wanted to let you know.  Thanks again,