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Is this project still alive? No update for almost 2 years......

yhxkry 7 months ago updated by anonymous 6 months ago 5

Hi Tom ! 

After a long trip searching on the Internet, finally i found this project.Thanks for this amazing free project, it's so unique anywhere.  But seems the latest update is traced back to 2018. Another sad fact is kuboo--the Android app for ubooquity also stops updating.....

I love this project so much and have given a suggestion , however , having no reply....

Just curious if this project still under working? Any improvement coming? Thanks again!


dont really know i use it activly. and i dont have any bugs so i dont mind that there arrent any updates

Under review

Yes, the project is still being actively developped, although there have been periods of time in 2019 during which I didn't touch the code much.

Guess I should post a news explaining what is in progress and why it takes so long...

As for your other message, I don't/can't reply to every message. Sometimes I miss some of them, and more often than not I lack the time to answer them. So I focus on the ones that are new and for which I can provide an interesting answer (the "zip" file question has already been discussed a long time ago)


Just a curious who have lots of comics and used the plex plugin. The plugin is discontinued and i start use Ubooquity.

On my local network is all ok, but can not see remote. I did portforward, firewll, etc etc.

I want use 3rd party kuboo. 

When have WIFI i can see on my phone, when have only sim card Server not found...


java.net.socketTimeoutException(failed to connect to ) (port 2202) from 10.78.....

call GildeException#rootcauses(string) for more detail

Any clue, please

Much appreciate thank you

I would first test the Ubooquity port (default is 2202) using something like www.canyouseeme.com to confirm that the port is indeed open to the internet.  Some ISPs block certain ports, so you may need to set Ubooquity to use a different port.

Once that's confirmed then I would test the site externally (ask a friend or use your mobile phone with the WIFI off).  If you can then see the site make sure that you're configuring Kuboo exactly the way it says to in the instructions.

it have happens to me exactly the same, you have to give permissions to java.exe on the firewall of the server or pc where runs the jar!!

i hope it might be helpful to you