[Feature Request] Go to next comic

Hayden Jones 7 years ago updated by Pierre-Yves Bouvier 3 years ago 12
When using the web reader, the ability to "go to next" would be great.
for example; On the last page when you click the "next" button it would load the next comic.

Under review
I'll keep this idea for when I start working on the online reader again. It's a good one.

Hey Tom,

any chance this feature might make it into 2.1? Or is it still a way off?


Probably way off for two reasons:

  • It would be a nice to have feature (I would like to have it to for my personal use), but not a real new functionality (not sure the if the difference is clear).
  • It might seem stupid, but determining the "next comic" is not as trivial as it seems (as the order and grouping can be changed at any time)

Anyway, I'd like it too, it's on my list.

Makes perfect sense mate

I just finished writing a next comic search to incorporate opds pagination this week. You aren't kidding, it's a tough cookie but I think it's very valuable.

Just wondering how soon this feature may be added since I see it's marked as planned. Really looking forward to this

It would be nice to have this feature.

On manga chapter with very few pages it can be a great feature.



It's the only functionnality I miss on Ubooquity.

In fact, it's the only reason I'm looking at other comics/mangas servers.

what others are there ??

I'm sorry but I try not to discuss other similar software on the forum of the original.
I found half a dozen by searching Manga Server or Comics Server on Github. Try like that.