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I forgot iIt has nothing to do with Ubooquity, since it's a YACReader addon, but i guessed maybe some people could have an use for it. ;)

I've searched quite extensively at some point for alternatives to Calibre/Calibre-Web/Cops and honestly there isn't much.

Everything i've found is : 

- MyBookshelf : (1/2, the 2 was supposed to replace 1, but it seems the developement stopped).

Aimed at ebooks mostly, but with quite some good features, specially for author/ebooks management, on top of bundling a conversion backbone for ebooks, and supporting multiple files/files formats for one ebook entry.

Python and js for MBS v2.

Python and Django for MBS v1.

- Tenma :

Aimed at Comics, but globally dead, it's "on hiatus indefinitively" for something like 2 years

- Gazee :

Aimed at Comics, officially dead now.

- comiXed :

Aimed at Comics, with aim to replace things like ComicRack to manage and tag comics, under quite heavy developpement, even if the guy behind it seems alone.

In Java too.

- YAC : 

Aimed at Comics. Mostly a graphical software, with both a client (YACReader) and a Library/Manager (YACLibrary).

Bundle a feature to identify comics from ComicVine.

Don't support metadata files like ComicRack/ComicBookLover for now, but it's on the backlog, but dev is going really slowly sadly. :/

Same for making the "Library" Backend part a standalone headless feature and the graphical part a "client" for the Backbone.

Written in C++ from what i know.

I don't know of anything else that don't requires a Calibre library to work (Cops, Calibre, Calibre-Web, BicBucStrim all requires one afaik).

I hope it helps and gives you ideas/allows you to find things you like. ;)

TBH as much as i respect (and understand) your will and reasons to not wanting to make Ubooquity Open-Source, i would really love to see you reach out to the comiXed Dev and make one awesome project out of the two. xD

They are sharing quite some things (the language amongst other things), and it could mean getting a real great and popular project fullfilling the wishes of many in the end.

(and would avoid splitting up dev capacities to get there, meaning faster developpement and features).

And if i believed in Santa Claus and Christmas in July, i would love to see the resulting project becoming the "Library Backbone" for YAC that could then become the Graphical "Thin" Client for that as well as a great reader.

But i know it won't happen. :D

Tried the latest ThemeScript.js you linked.

Now i'm back to not having the number of issues/books anywhere at all. 

Still no errors in the console.

edit : ok my bad, for some reason, the settings were changed back to default without reason.
Once i activated the settings again, it's working properly and i've got the issues/books number everywhere.

Thanx for the quick fix as usual :)

I'll try that once i get back home and let you know.

Thanx a lot again for the work and the responsiveness (or however that damn word is spelled :x).

To get back at you after test on the fact that the number of issues/books didn't appear after activation, it's a bit more complicated.

Be it Comics or Books, it does appear... but only once i reach the 2nd page of entries, whatever number of entries i have per page.

ie : if i put like 1 entry per page, the 2nd entry and all the others will display the number of issues/books in the folder under the title.

If i put 80 it's the same, only 81 and onward (ie page 2 and onward) will display it.

And i've checked there is no error in the console either.

If that can help you pinpoint the problem.

Yeah found it too.
Nope no error.
The only one in there is about a 404 that is because there is no series defined (wich is normal since i didn't use that feature yet).

No other error, and yet still not displaying the number of books inside a folder.

Yeah sorry forgot about that. 
Too long since i last posted there, already forgot that simple thing... :/

I've cleared the cache, didn't change a thing (server side and client side).

Ah too bad it's not possible to do that currently, i would love that feature. :)

Will try to check for a console output (now i'll need to figure out where the fuck i can get that in my dockerized ubooquity :p).

A few things.
I've tried the new "settings.json" to activate the display of number of files in a directory, and it doesn't work (after restarting Ubooquity multiple times).

Any idea what could be the problem ?

On another note, could it be possible to make slight change to how things are displayed ?

I would love to see a "separation" between folders and files.

Something like :

Folder1 Folder2 Folder3 


File1 File2 File3

So it's easier to spot/follow.

I must admit with my books i've got a lot of folders and files in the same directories, and it's not really that easy to spot.

And anyone that could write a quick tutorial explaining how to use the Story Arc/Series functions, and the publishers/Authors pages ?

I can't figure that out at all. :D

Does that mean that you are close to have a working mean of browsing by author/series in Ubooquity ??? 

If so i'm so eager to see what it'll bring. Can't wait for it. :)