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Any chance of a 32bit version? Seems my tablet makers (I have a Linx10) in their wisdom decided to only ship with a BIOS that supports 32bit Windows only, despite a 64bit CPU :(

I'm not having much luck getting comics to show on my desktop either. Could this be the size of my library( Its about 60,000 comics)? I've tried using both quick and cover scan. With the latter, I see the red rotating dots in the top left for about 5 seconds and then it stops.

One immediate suggestion - give the option to edit the server? At the moment it seems you can only Forget and Delete and existing one? Also, if you've "forgotten" a server, is there anyway to "remember" it at a later date? Presumably theres no need to if I re-add the forgotten server, or would this create a duplicate database entry?

Thanks for your effort so far though.

Will this support touch screens? I have a non-surface Win 10 tablet which is much quicker than my Android tablet and would love a native comic reader app that integrates with Ubooquity.

Ability to set cache locations is also a great idea for tablets with limited storage, so I'm hoping you'll say yes...

Have you changed the number of comics to view in Ubooquity? I've set mine to 500 - just checked and the first 500 issues of DC comics have come up. Admittedly its not paginated but it does the job unless you are working with a single folder with hundreds of issues.

If you want a work around for double page, a quick fix is to change to Aspect Fill - seems to work for me.

Considering its one guy and only been in development for 3 months its pretty amazing how close it is to feature complete.

Incredible - its the weekend! Take a day off! Seems to be working fine now with the new update. Absolutely amazing turnaround time. Thanks Seth.

It looks so polished these days, great work.

I'm not sure if I'm now encountering the same issue but on my 4.4 Android Tablet, I can add the server fine, but then the screen goes "strange". I guess the best way I can describe it is the menu where normally you'd browse keeps flashing (with a slight "zoom in") animation before I'm told its crashed.

Working fine on my Marshmallow tablet and phone however (would prefer to have it working on my 10" tablet though!).

I submitted a bug report through the app.

Another great release. Working like a charm still (even without clearing data, which I know is generally good practice). Totally understand about only doing an Android release - I'll just have to treat myself to a new tablet :)

This is not something thats really that important to me as I hardly read books through Ubooquity, but will it be possible at some point to have two servers (or rather URLs), so that we can have both our /opds-comics and /opds-ebooks feeds?

Finally got around to trying 1.4.6 after rebuilding my library. Amazing work Seth. I had no idea it would pick up the metadata (the reason I was rebuilding my library), nor that you'd put the "Next comic" feature in. Then the icing on the cake is the way Recently Viewed keeps track of where you're at in a series.

Incredible work. Now I just want a version for my Windows tablet as my 10" Android one is getting too long in the teeth, but thats being greedy :)

Thank you again for this.

Comic rack with the comic vine scrapper plug in should do this for you

Thank you so much for this! It completes the Ubooquity experience (no disrespect to Tom, none of this would be possible without him and I like having the choice of app or webview for non android devices) . Being able to swipe is a godsend.

For what it's worth, my wishlist would be (in order of preference):

- Automatically loading next comic in series

- Showing read comics

(these are just icing on the cake)

- Windows 10 or if need be IOS version (my 10" android tablet is getting slow!)

- Ability to change ubooquity settings within your app

- Ability to open locally stored comics as well (eg on the SD card).

Not sure if any of them are possible and I'm sure you have your own ideas, and even if none of them ever happen, it's more than good enough for my needs.

I tested it on a 5.1 phone (stock) and a 4.4 (rooted but stock rom) tablet. Pretty much standard ubooquity settings on my PC. Pleased to say I didn't run in to any of the issues above.

Thank you again. I will use this every day so if you ever want a beta tester, I'll be happy to.

Pretty much the same as mine - 17260 and similar storage. Very impressed it still runs so quick. Far quicker than any native app I've found.