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No Wait ! got it!  Great  thanks!!!

Hmm  dont have that option  in my config?

Kenji, do you  know  how i  add that path?  In  the software i only get to  choose the folder.  Is it a script?

Hoe do i do that? When

 adding he path  i have no place to type  only to  choose wich folder.

Im also experience the same problems. How do i set it up with docker?

Do you have some siort of tutorial? i suck at this lol. The "appstore" in Qnap doesnt manage to install it so im guessing its a Script thingy?

I dont know how to install the update on the Qnap nas :) when trying to manually install the Jar container i get an error :(

Do you know how to install the update on a QNap nas?

Attilla where can i find that path in my Qnap nas?

Ok what kind off error do i look after?

Theese are the ones showing up:

20160222 14:55:01 [Scanner thread] ERROR com.ubooquity.Ubooquity - Uncaught exception on thread: Scanner thread
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

WARN - Could not find id of root path /share/book (ignore this warning if you just added a new root directory)

0160224 12:15:53 [pool-1-thread-13] INFO com.ubooquity.c - User successfuly logged in. [login:Gillinger][ip:]