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Ah I think I know why; I set the audiobook share as /Audiobooks/ and it doesn't like it. Let me see what the usage pattern is here...

Got it. needs "", derp.

Any way to hide the "Files" in the top nav since the only thing there is AudioBooks and now it's blank?

ahhhhhh I can't believe I only saw this now! Amazing work Scott!!

When logging in as everything is fine, but when I come from the outside, I get a spinning throbber and errors in the console. Thoughts?

you mean the publisher layer? What difference are you referring to vis-a-vis the screenshot?

This is always how it has worked for me, making me also keep increasing the number of thumbnails per page to keep Marvel on the first page ;) Not ideal, but you'll notice other CSS elements also don't translate to the following pages. It's not surprising the Featured code applies only to what it sees on the first page.

BTW, I see you have some publisher themes that aren't on the GitHub. Sharing is caring? =]

That sounds great. CLI works for me. And yeah I've actually grabbed assets off comicsblitz before so agree makes sense to futureproof that scenario.

If I had a priori a list of hidden publishers they wouldn't be hidden ;)

This is one of them as an example, but there are many more:

I think it would be great to just be able to add them as we find them and for the tool to scrape them ad hoc.

re: storage, I put mine on GitHub because someone earlier on the thread asked. They were on my dropbox before that, but gdrive works just as well, I'm happy either way :)

Yep, I remember having to do some manual tweaking for Viper's page too. 

One thing that would be great is to be able to just provide the URL for the "hidden" publisher pages and have it crawl for all the files needed, instead of filling in on the material in the .json file... If I'm filling in all that, might as well just do it myself! :)

Had a hard time installing yarn but got it to work now. Seems to be extracting, and quick sanity check results look good so far!

Some of the links seem ever so slightly different than the template I see

e.g. my themes have a id="mobile" href="/theme/mobile.htm"

whereas yours has a id="mobile" href="../../theme/mobile.htm"

I think the difference might matter for reverse proxy scenarios maybe? For me it works either way.

So far all results look great, ImprintNav CSS looks good, links work. Seems to be all clear! I'll dive in more over the weekend, but great work!!

that's great to hear progress so soon! Awesome!

Either way would be good to have a tool for ongoing extraction; don't think of it as a one-time pull, since every other month I see a few extra publishers there.