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After a ton of work, and a lot of hacky css, I think this is ready to share.

Here are some screenshots of the various parts. http://imgur.com/a/3gEcz

And here is the actual theme files. https://goo.gl/eI6EhG

The second link has the theme, the publisher extras, and a readme.txt. Please read before installing.


i run it one by one.

any idea what i could test to see where the problem could be?

Try the imageGet.sh I just uploaded, it's on it's own. Open it before you run it and set it to your local google, I'm guessing that's probably what triggered the bot detection in the first place.

This should catch any http errors, and if not solve the problem at least identify it.

OK got it to download the image.

- with google.com: error bot detected

- with local (google.ae) download blocked

- with google.de success

shall i use the new script or better update the original one to use google.de ?

Use the new one, it'll be the official one moving forward. I wanted to make sure that caught the issue before pushing it as an official update.

just got again the "Google bot detection" only after 2 checks.

its strange if i run the google query on another computer on the same network its working. how is google detecting the "bot"?

The theory is that it's because of the really specific searches with weird patterns. But why it triggers quickly for some, and never for others makes no sense. I tried getting around that with the delay setting, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

i tried to run the scripts now on a different Linux machine (different disto) and its working.

strange thing.

by the way i have the same issue with the __Story arc as "Are Finstad"

if i try to open the link its not doing anything. any idea?


I just posted a new update with a new imageGet in it, I'd recommend switching to that one and setting your google localization.

Make sure you don't have Ubooquity set to hide empty folders, since the arc folders are technically empty.

could you add some more notes on how to use the pagebuilder zip files? running on windows BTW, tried for a while with the bash for ubuntu for windows app but im new to these things. would love for some feedback on how to best run it and how the settings are suppose to be set.

it would also be nice if you could cover how the pagebuilder folders should be placed, like should it be in the theme folder? in the comics folder? does it even matter in the end?

also, i added the story arc folder to my comics folder with the premade ones you gave out. i replaced all files i could from the extras zip but i cannot seem to load the story arcs folder at all either. (it just sends me back to the publishers folder)

I'd have to let someone else handle what it took to get it working on windows, I'm not setup to test that so I'm not sure what was involved. As for documentation in general, a lot of this has been in flux lately, and I just haven't gotten that far yet. I saw your comment on the dropbox file too, didn't even realize that was a thing.

The main settings that need to be set are your comicvine api key in pageBuilder.sh and arcBuilder.sh. You also need to set the folder path to your story arc folder in arcBuilder.sh. The .sh files can all be opened in a text editor, and any settings related to each is at the top, usually also labeled.

PageBuilder is a standalone thing, it doesn't have to be anywhere near the theme files or comics. When you run it, you would do the following:

/path/to/pageBuilder.sh /path/to/comics/publisher/comic/cvinfo

The stuff from the StoryArc.zip needs to go over what was in extras. I need to incorporate those at some point. If you are not using a proxy prefix in Ubooquity, you need to edit theme.js (again, settings at the top, labeled) to match. Also, since Story Arcs are functionally empty folders, you need to change the setting in Ubooquity to not hide empty folders.

Just posted a new PageBuilder. Biggest changes are in imageGet, it no longer guesses at image names. Since I was getting the exact page on Comixology, I figured why not just download it and scrape for the exact image. Now it should catch weird named covers. It also watches for Google page errors (bot detection) and stops rather than trying again. There's also a setting to set your local Google url.

Ok, incorporated the new PageBuilder, and since I'm on FreeBSD, I had to replace jq. I also have to replace pup, but I have no idea where to get it. Is it part of a larger package?

Oh right, I should probably link that somewhere. This is where I pulled it from: https://github.com/ericchiang/pup/releases

Nevermind, I found it :)

Ok, I've been investigating the 302 error, which is happening no matter what localization I use. I replicated the curl statement, plus a few things that may be FreeBSD specific, but they're mostly unrelated... But here's the error I'm getting from that 302:

<HTML><HEAD><meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8">

<H1>302 Moved</H1>

The document has moved

-- Not sure if that's helpful at all, but it's about as far as I can get on my own

You're not going to get anything from the actual 302 page, at that point it's already too late. It's trying to redirect curl to a page with a captcha. In fact, the more you investigate, it may just be keeping the problem alive. Give it some time, it seems to expire after a while.

Hmm, so far, I've not gotten any successful pulls with the new imageGet, but I'll try again tomorrow. :) It's not high on my priority list, but I'd love to see my setup with consistent folder images :)

got finally most up and running. the only thing which is right now missing is the "Story Arc"

i tried the "arcBuilder" however i'm getting only the below error.

apiKey and Cookie are set

bash-4.3# ./arcBuilder.sh -p /mnt/user/EBooks/comics/

./arcBuilder.sh: line 29: idGet.sh: command not found
idGet failed, probably using an invalid cookie

You're blending what you're reading from my posts and mediabot666's. The path to your arc folder should be in arcBuilder.sh, not passed as an argument. The syntax for my arcBuilder is just:

arcBuilder.sh 'name of arc'
Pretty sure this is why his later release was named arcScanner.

If you're trying to use his instead, he'll have to assist. I never personally got it working.

ok, got the idGet issue fixed.

had to update the scripts some "$my_dir" entries were missing.

now i have the following :

bash-4.3# ./arcBuilder.sh 'The Killing Joke'

Publisher:DC Comics


Story Arc ID:40503

Building comic page

./arcBuilder.sh: line 43: [[[: command not found

./arcBuilder.sh: line 43: [: missing `]'

Comic: The Killing Joke

Type: arc

Searching for Comixology page

HTTP Response: 200

Series not found

Generating arclist

5 issues

Batman The Killing Joke (1988)

Batman The Killing Joke 001 1988

DC Universe The Stories of Alan Moore (2006)

DC Universe The Stories of Alan Moore 001 2006

Batman The Killing Joke The Deluxe Edition (2008)

Batman The Killing Joke The Deluxe Edition 001 2008

Booster Gold (2007)

Booster Gold 005 2008

The Brave and the Bold (2007)

The Brave and the Bold 033 2010


how/what is the arcBuilder exactly suppose to do in regards to the "Issues" of an ARC?

is it creating any links to the corresponding series?


So arcBuilder is (or at least should be) using idGet to find the issues for the arc in Ubooquity, and save them into a csv file. The arc page then parses the csv to show the issues.

How are your comics setup, folderwise?

It's hardcoded looking for "Series (Year)" as the series, then looks for filenames containing "Series Issuenumber (Year)". If your comics aren't setup that way, it won't be able to find the issues and you end up with a blank csv.

the folder structure is like this:

/mnt/user/EBooks/comics/DC Comics/Suicide Squad (2016)/

filenames like "Suicide Squad 1 (2016).cbz"

the arclist.csv file is created but empty

ok got it up and running. setup a new VM with a differed Linux distri. and everything seems to be working.

thanks a lot for your help


After helping mediabot666 with some code to load Javascript across all of Ubooquity, I was inspired to finally fix some things that were bothering me about Ubooquity theming. The downside is, this theme needs you to use javascript injection. Because of this, I'm hesitant to release until something like this is supported by Ubooquity natively.

Just to give a good idea of what you're looking at:

  • Bookmarks have been centralized. Since this applies across all of Ubooquity, you can bookmark books too.
  • Home always goes to the homepage, no matter what page you're on. The page headers are better for navigation anyways.
  • New and Browse adjust based on what the user has access to. If you only have comics setup, New is a button, and Browse has "Publishers" and "Story Arcs". If you have just books, New is a button and Browse lists "Authors" (just the base of books, the equivalent of Publishers. If you have both enabled, like I do, New becomes a menu and Browse shows all 3.
  • If you have Files enabled, it shows as it's own button.
  • This new nav bar sticks to the top of the screen if you scroll down, like on Comixology itself.

  • Page controls have been redone. Rather than fighting with css, I went with jquery to move the elements, so they always line up correctly. And the page number always shows, even on searches.
  • There's a persistent footer (which I haven't figured what all to put in yet). Rather than just the current one-liner.
  • The search bar shows on all pages, with an option to set what it searches by default (while navigating books, it'll search books, comics while navigating comics. The setting would control while on the homepage/bookmarks/admin/etc.).

definitely like the flatter look and persistent menubar. Still not managed to get Story Arcs or Bookmarks to work, though I've pretty much stopped trying (diminishing returns...).

Sounds like Tom is prepping to release a new version in 2016, so that can't be much longer and some of these features may become easier to do in the new version, so I understand if you elect to keep it at bay at this point.


Going deeper down this rabbit hole, more and more dependent on javascript-support being added to themes stock. One of the opportunities this opened up was a more useful homepage.

You can set in the theme how many random/new comics to add to the page, it defaults to 30 (it can't be any higher than your comics-per-page setting). It'll load your bookmarks if you have any, or hide the control if you don't.

While this shows Latest Comics/Random Comics, if you have Book-sharing enabled it will also show Latest Books/Random Books.

Cool! How does the random comics work? Does it change on refresh?


The default theme has a random button for comics/books that goes to /comics/?random=true and /books/?random=true respectively. I didn't have any use for this before, so I hid the control.

This is reading the random and latest pages and copying the issues from it (hence not being able to go beyond the comics-per-page setting). And yeah, when you refresh the page it re-queries the random page and gets new results.

I also added a link to the Random page under the Browse drop-down too, since there was space.

Dear Friend,

I need this theme, please upload anywhere :)


For this theme to work, you need to modify your copy of Ubooquity. Because of this, I'm holding off until the next release of Ubooquity.


Possibly, You may know when it will be available?

Nope, the last mention of a release was before the end of 2016. Now that we're past that, your guess is as good as mine.


1) If Javascript injection (by placing a js in the ubooquity.jar) is still necessary, is there a place where I can find documentation on how to accomplish this?

2) If 1 = "Yes and Yes", then can that be added to the Readme?

1) To make what I just posted pics of work, it's currently necessary. It shouldn't be for (hopefully) the next release of Ubooquity. Because of this I'm holding off on releasing it until then.

2) If it isn't part of the next Ubooquity release, the necessary readme will accompany the release of this new theme version.

Much appreciated. I've looked around these forums but haven't seen word on when the next release is slated other than "hopefully before the end of 2016." Is that still the case, or do you have an inside scoop?

Also? Thanks for all your hard work on this. It's pretty darn amazing.


Your guess is as good as mine. I'm hoping Tom is still on track, but that's just me being optimistic.

You're welcome! I'm glad there's this much interest in something I just threw together because I wanted it. :)

Because I have a mac server, and because I'm a crazy person when it comes to my org structure for comics, I've been doing the CSVs for the story arcs by hand (I find it strangely relaxing).

To that end, I noticed how comixology's website included links to entire volumes for their "Rebirth" story arc. I decided to see if the CSV could support the same feature and found it surprisingly easy to do. Just change the javascript to resemble the following:

"/ubooquity/comics/61578/","showHidePopupMenu();return true;","/ubooquity/comics/61578/?cover=true","Superwoman (2016)"

I'm having a small issue at the moment with the arcbuilder. When i try and run it for Civil War II it creates an arc for Road to Civil War II. Comic Vine has Civil War II in the Arcs section but the arcbuilder isn't finding it. Any ideas? Any way to be able to put the comic vine numbers directly in instead of the Arc Title? (eg 4045-58879)

I'm loving the theme, however I have my reverse proxy setup to be /comics. I'd really rather not have to change the redirect and have to go about updating all the places where I've got it set, so which file has it pointed to /ubooquity/ so I can go and fix it for my own personal installation? I've changed it in the .js files, but I just can't find it for the bookmarks header.

In the redesign I'm working on I've got this centralized to one spot, and hopefully I can just pull the info directly from Ubooquity if Tom adds my requested feature.

As for bookmarks, it should be fine for different reverse proxies now, that link isn't hardcoded. I fixed that at least one release ago. If I missed one, it would be in the bookmarks.htm file.

Anyone else get:

./PageBuilder.sh: line 31: [[[: command not found
./PageBuilder.sh: line 31: [: missing `]'

The script still runs, but I just want to make sure I'm not missing something.

Thanks for all the work on this. It's an amazing theme.

Hi how to use PageBuilder on NAS Synology ?

I have this error

./arcBuilder.sh: line 43: syntax error in conditional expression
./arcBuilder.sh: line 43: syntax error near `|'
./arcBuilder.sh: line 43: ` if [[ $systemCheck == *"Darwin"* ]||[ $system Check == *"FreeBSD"* ]]; then'


Nothing fancy here, I've just got an issue with multiple comics libraries.

I've done just like the example in the Admin screen, so that I can have a kids' comics library and not have to deal with Angry Birds comics in my own library.

The Admin example

The Result, this is actually the Browse/Publishers section. The skin gets buggy and highlights NEW no matter where I'm at. Am I missing a file?

Alright well, some of what I had done was wrong. I don't care to ever see the Comics-Kids section that I created, and really didn't care to come to this screen either.

My mistake was that I hadn't checked the box to enable separate Users in the Ubooquity Admin. Now my account loads directly into my Comics section and the kids' accounts loads directly into the Comics-Kids section.

I do find the above page interesting and possibly useful later, though.

Has anyone tried this theme out with the new Ubooquity 2.0 yet?


I pinged Tom to confirm whether or not he added script loading to themes like I asked. If so, a new release should be on the horizon.

If not, I'll have to figure the best way to proceed. I really don't want to release something that requires a user edit to Ubooquity itself to work.

I was very happy to see in the latest release that script loading has been added. Greatly looking forward to finally taking your spiffy theme out for a full-featured test drive.

Got Ubooquity 2.0.2 up and running and the theme is working again


Just tryed and it works flawlessly.

I tried it but the header images don't show and i think the folder CSS isn't being called anymore.

I think the changes to the references to folder paths has changed in ubooquity.

Just got 2.0 running myself, and this is the first thing I noticed. I'm not sure if it's syntax change or just broken.

mostly working for me, but I had not been on the latest theme version (no bookmarks etc for moi). Only thing that broke that needs fixing is the manual links I made between imprints :)

Wonder if the new version has those exposed somehow to make this less manual...

I have an idea regarding the imprint links, but I'm not sure if it's going to be worth the effort (since really, like the Publisher pages themselves, you only ever need to set them once). I'll see if I can get it working before I push my new release.

Yeah I already fixed them manually, still would be good for sharing themes with others to be able to point to something that is more permanent.


Just a heads up. It took me a while to get around to getting a 2.0 docker setup going, then had some other issues. I just want to put the last bit of polish on my new update and then I'll release it. Probably not later than next week.

It's a big enough update that it'll get it's own new thread. It's that big. :)

awesome! been waiting for your update before i start using ubooquity 2.0. 

honestly im pretty happy w/ everything as-is. i remember all the issues i had setting it up in the first place w/ your theme, im afraid of breaking it all!

You can always run them both (though not at the same time on the same ports) to make sure things are working!

Can't wait for the new update, finally installed this theme, it's fantastic

One issue with the theme, similar to Bobby Hill is or was facing, although my use case is slightly different.

So I've got 2 comics folders. I get the following screen when I click on 'Publishers'

Does the new theme update, do anything about this issue? maybe at least show the folder names? 

Yup, that's sorted in the next release. But this morning I had an idea that hopefully I can roll into the release.

What I want to do is display the pictured categories as something like comic boxes or something, and then both will display as separate publisher pages. It'll take a bit of coding to switch from a single id to multiple, but I think I can make it work.

Sweet! thanks Scott.

P.S would you be able to set something up on dropbox or maybe github where others can share their Publisher files (folder/header images, folder-info.html and folder.css files) they've created which are not included in the default set of the theme?

Telecart has something like that going, but it's semi-buried in the thread above. I do like the idea of moving to a Github page though, better for user-submissions. Something to think about! :)

Found it! Thanks @Telecart for putting this together, quite a good collection there, if anyone needs Telecart's dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/03ipeb3tkhctlv7/AACFCmGRqTx3E1vddNI-aqiea?dl=0

Yea, Github seems perfect for this.

question, the buttons to connect to other comics when within a comic, i.e.e i went into DC and there is Vertigo and Minx...Is there a way to fix this so they will go to the sites properly without figuring out what the folder number is.  I would think a little script would fix this much like the featured items on the main page.

Yep, exactly the same setup I had that caused the above issue.  Mine was just fixed by removing my own access to my Kids' comics folder.

Awesome to hear that it's fixed in the new release!

Was this ever fixed?  I just installed today on a fresh Ubooquity install and I am seeing this.

Hi Scott, is it possible to add an option to show all comics (sorted alphabetically) ?


excuse my ignorance but is there a complete idiots guide to setting this up and running all the pagebuilder scripts?

Does anyone else have an issue with the logout button when using Nginx and Proxy Pass?  The default theme works fine when you click logout, but with this theme, it kicks it back to my root subdomain and doesn't actually log you out.


Ok after looking at this again, it has to do with the logout button on the publisher pages.  From the splash page, the logout button has "subdomain.domain.com/comics/?logout=true" but when you look at it from the publisher page it doesn't have the subfolder ("subdomain.domain.com/?logout=true").  

Ok!  So I figured it out.  The "folder-info.html" I had for it was my issue.  This is what happens when I try to work on fun stuff while at work!

I just installed following the README instructions but for some reason the Story Arc link doesn't do anything. It takes me again to the publisher page. Can somebody point me to the right direction? I'm using Ubooquity 2.

"using Ubooquity 2."

I'm fairly certain the new theme isn't ready yet. This is built for Ubooquity OG

Got it .. thanks for the clarification.

2.1 support verified?

Hi. How to use PageBuilder ? Any HOW TO ? Thanks

Hi there! Love the theme. One question - rather than going full-in with story arcs, I was hoping to be able to hack the "Featured publishers" section into "Featured series", just to highlight some of my favourite runs at the top of the publisher page there. 

I created a symbolic link folder "The Sandman" in my root comics directory and pointed it at "Sandman (1989)" which is a folder within Vertigo Comics. I was hoping then to be able to just add "The Sandman" under folder-info.html in the root comics folder (addFeatured("The Sandman");) - but somehow the addFeatured function seems to magically only work with actual publisher folders in the root comics directory -  I can't seem to get it to show a single series folder. 

I'm just wondering, is there perhaps an easy way to change the addFeatured script function slightly, so that I can feature a series folder, rather than a publishers...? 

Thanks very much in advance!

Hey there! Love the theme, thanks for posting it! Any chance of adding an indicator of how many issues are unread in a series, like the main theme does?

Also, I just realised that the bookmark icons don't always appear, like on a second page of comics. What should I look out for to make this work all the time?

Okay, got bookmarks working properly by only showing a single page.

Can't get the StoryArcs link to work though - it just goes back to the Publishers page.

After 1 week i try to use idget. How i do to use idget ?

"./iget.sh /volume1/Comics/Marvel/Daredevil" is correct ?

I try this : 

./imageGet.sh -c 'Daredevil' -d '2015'

My result is :

Comic: Daredevil

Date: 2015

Searching for Comixology page

HTTP Response: 302

Google bot detection triggered, try again later.

and when i try

./PageBuilder.sh /volume1/Comics/Marvel/Daredevil/"Daredevil V2015"/cvinfo

I have,

Downloading comic data

parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 10

parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 10

parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 10

parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 10

parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 10

Building comic page



Usage: ./imageGet.sh -c 'Comic Name' [-d 'Comic Year'] [-r 'Which result to save']

my cvinfo as the following url


What is wrong ?

For google bot detect i change google.com for google.es

But i have the same

Downloading comic data

parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 10

parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 10

parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 10

parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 10

parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 10

Building comic page



Usage: ./imageGet.sh -c 'Comic Name' [-d 'Comic Year'] [-r 'Which result to save']

my cvinfo as the following url


What is wrong ?

When i try with arcBuilder to create "Convergence" https://comicvine.gamespot.com/convergence/4045-58251/

i have this "Convergence" https://comicvine.gamespot.com/convergence/4045-56426/

What i do to fix that ?


i change

getInitial=`curl -s "https://comicvine.gamespot.com/api/story_arcs/?api_key="$apikey"&format=json&field_list=id,name,deck,publisher,image&filter=name:"${webquery}`


getInitial=`curl -s "https://comicvine.gamespot.com/api/story_arcs/?api_key="$apikey"&format=json&field_list=id,name,deck,publisher,image&filter=id:"${webquery}`

for Convergence url https://comicvine.gamespot.com/convergence/4045-58251/

the id is 58251

for Civil War II with name we have "Road to Civil War II", with id we have the url https://comicvine.gamespot.com/civil-war-ii/4045-58879/ and id is 58879

If anybody can change the arcBuilder with an id option.............

Any updates to this?

I can't find Instructions for Arcbuilder. Is there anyone that can point me to the right direction?


Would anyone be interested in something that populated more publishers?  I see that the extras has a fair number of publishers in it but on comixology itself it has a lot more publishers.  I started writing a script to extract all the publisher data from comixology.  I could use that to generate the HTML templates for this theme as well.

Sure! They keep adding new ones, so it would be great to have an extraction script! 

I've been doing a lot of them manually, and there's a GitHub maintained here. Feel free to commit any additional ones you extract.

Cool.  I shall continue working on this then.  So far I have it scraping and populating a JSON file with all the display data I'd need to write out the HTML templates.  Writing out the templates should be pretty simple.  According to my script Comixology has 198 publishers as of right now.

The main Publisher page counts 197. They have others that are "hidden" though like Tesladyne: https://www.comixology.com/Tesladyne/comics-publisher/4597-0 

or Stranger Comics: https://www.comixology.com/Stranger-Comics/comics-publisher/7406-0

Note that like Stranger Comics, a lot of the hidden ones have incomplete assets.

Not sure best route to find all of them.

From a scraping perspective the ones that don't exist on the main publisher page would all have to be hand done by url.  Which wouldn't be hard, the pages are the same, just can't get to them in a nice way.  For my first go I'm just going to focus on what can be browsed through the publisher page.

Sounds good. Keep us posted! Thanks!

The other option would be because I'm making everything JSON driven I could just have a second list of data that isn't automatically scrapable.  And just merge my scraped list with the static list, and generate everything from that point.

Either way would be good to have a tool for ongoing extraction; don't think of it as a one-time pull, since every other month I see a few extra publishers there.

I've got all the templating working now.  Last things are fetching the images and making the data generation additive instead of starting over from scratch each time. 

that's great to hear progress so soon! Awesome!

I've got a project up on GitHub now.  It is pretty rough atm but it gets the job done.  One thing I didn't realize is comixology sometimes has custom spacing between the banner and info below it.  Not much I can do about that so I just have to default everything to no spacing and that has to be hand tweaked on a publisher by publisher basis.  Anywho project is at https://github.com/astraldragon/ubooquity-comixology-publishers.  I've got the first two publishers generated maybe if you could check if they look alright.  If they do I can generate the full list.  There's a few other issues in terms of polish (error handling and such, making script additive) that I'll look at over time.

Had a hard time installing yarn but got it to work now. Seems to be extracting, and quick sanity check results look good so far!

Some of the links seem ever so slightly different than the template I see

e.g. my themes have a id="mobile" href="/theme/mobile.htm"

whereas yours has a id="mobile" href="../../theme/mobile.htm"

I think the difference might matter for reverse proxy scenarios maybe? For me it works either way.

So far all results look great, ImprintNav CSS looks good, links work. Seems to be all clear! I'll dive in more over the weekend, but great work!!

Awesome.  Yeah I noticed that the links in your templates didn't work in my setup cause I have the reverse proxy set up.  I decided to follow the layout provided here as it makes sense to align with that.  I noticed too that comiXology has some other interesting layouts that I didn't account for.  For example, https://www.comixology.co.uk/A-Wave-Blue-World/comics-publisher/76-0?ref=YnJvd3NlL3B1Ymxpc2hlci9kZXNrdG9wL2xpc3QvcHVibGlzaGVyTGlzdA

I can actually get that style working with a slightly different html layout.  It would actually solve the the padding issue I describe in the project as well.  As I would be able to read in the padding from comixology and use it in this layout.

For reference, this is the proposed layout changes: https://github.com/astraldragon/ubooquity-comixology-publishers/pull/7

I added A Wave Blue World as it show cases the layout that I was trying to solve, which actually can't work with the current way the pages lay out.

Yep, I remember having to do some manual tweaking for Viper's page too. 

One thing that would be great is to be able to just provide the URL for the "hidden" publisher pages and have it crawl for all the files needed, instead of filling in on the material in the .json file... If I'm filling in all that, might as well just do it myself! :)

True.  If you provide a list of those publishers I could add those.  Would just need the URLs and I can pipe it through the same scraping as the rest of them.  In terms of distributing the actual publisher folders.  I don't think i'll check those in to github, but I'll host them on google drive or something.  Mainly because it would make the repo over 200 megs which is pretty crazy.

If I had a priori a list of hidden publishers they wouldn't be hidden ;)

This is one of them as an example, but there are many more: https://www.comixology.com/Tesladyne/comics-publisher/4597-0

I think it would be great to just be able to add them as we find them and for the tool to scrape them ad hoc.

re: storage, I put mine on GitHub because someone earlier on the thread asked. They were on my dropbox before that, but gdrive works just as well, I'm happy either way :)

We can do that.  I might have to change the logic a little because I pull the publisher logo off of the main publisher list page.  To scrape the hidden ones I'd have to go to the publisher page, then navigate to a comic from that publisher to pull their logo.  If I made the flow the same for the non-hidden and the hidden that would make stuff more re-usable.  I was thinking a few other things I could store in the data would be the scraper that was used to pull in that data (just thinking ahead if there would ever be more than one importer).  If I have both the source url (which I'm already storing) and the importer used I'd have the ability to re-scrape an individual publisher, or list of publishers (by publisher name more than likely).  Then to add a new one I could either make it so that you could just add a new entry to the json file and specify the url and importer to use, or I could make it so that you could add it via the CLI.

That sounds great. CLI works for me. And yeah I've actually grabbed assets off comicsblitz before so agree makes sense to futureproof that scenario.


How is it going on Arcs in V2?

I have been playing around with mustache, jquery and using Json have managed to get my version of Arcs working.

The trick was to create a json file called json.cbr in the directory. (csv is so old school). This 'tricks' ubooquity to show the blank directory that it normally skips.

I then use this json file to populate the issues. I then have to also remove the json.cbr link that was created on the page. This might be what you need to get your original version working in V2 with the new themescript.js loader.

I can supply code if interested.

The next thing is to create the json file (ATM a manual process, but as only needed to do once, not a biggie).

Finally managed to get the removal code working.

Hint, Ubooquity finishes loading (including the 'false' title) before any inline scripts run.

Has anyone ran into an issue with the arcBuilder.sh script finding the wrong Story Arc in Comic Vine when there's more that one with similar names?

Example: ./arcBuilder.sh 'Secret Empire' , Finds Secret Empire Opening Salvo (Story Arc ID:59353) instead of Secret Empire (Story Arc ID:59354).

Any ideas on how to tweak the script to look for multiple Story Archs with same name and provide you with a list to select from?

Something like:

Story Arc ID:59353

Story Arc ID:59354

There were multiple listings for Secret Empire please make a selection from the list below:

1: Secret Empire Opening Salvo (Story Arc ID:59353)

2: Secret Empire (Story Arc ID:59354)

Building comic page
Comic: Secret Empire
Type: arc
Searching for Comixology page
HTTP Response: 200
Series not found
Generating arclist

Is anyone else having issues with Featured Publishers not showing up? I think it's only showing the publishers who appear on the first page of my list. I'm far from proficient in any kind of coding so sorry if I'm missing something obvious.

I was able to work around this issue by maxing out the number of items per page, but I feel like there's got to be another resolution?

This is always how it has worked for me, making me also keep increasing the number of thumbnails per page to keep Marvel on the first page ;) Not ideal, but you'll notice other CSS elements also don't translate to the following pages. It's not surprising the Featured code applies only to what it sees on the first page.

BTW, I see you have some publisher themes that aren't on the GitHub. Sharing is caring? =]


Thanks Telecart, that's what I wound up doing. I will definitely try to contribute to the GitHub. That's all new to me!

I just got into Ubooquity and I love this theme! I'm not sure if it's the theme or Ubooquity itself, but I prefer a volume number prefix in the titles here:

Can I do that? If so, what would be the best way?

Edit: Another question. I also notice a difference between my comic series page and the page from the example screenshots. What causes this difference?

You would have to modify the tags in the comic file's metadata. i use ComicRack to do that although it can be tedious. i have alot of graphic novels that when i scrape from ComicVine, it pulls in the title as "Vol 1, Vol 2, etc...". i have to manually change the title.

Thanks for your reply Jet! With hunders or thousends of comics that's an almost impossible task. Don't get me wrong. I'm willing to do a whole lot for it, but this is an insane amount of work.

you mean the publisher layer? What difference are you referring to vis-a-vis the screenshot?

just a quick question, which version of ubooquity is required to run the theme?

im on 2.1.1 and can't get it to work at all.

I use 2.1.1 and this theme. More details about what you're experiencing?

When I attempted to run Comixology on an earlier build of 2.1, I was unable to get it to work as it completely broke the CSS and everything. Are you running a specific build/version of the theme? How do you have it setup?


So how exactly am I supposed to use this?

The readme doesn't have anything on how to use PageBuilder (I run this from a Windows 10 machine ATM so I can't really run .sh files).

There is a line about editing Imprint Links manually but I can't find anywhere to edit those, and even if I did, where would I point them?

The Publishers Zip-file seem to list all Imprints as Publishers and not Publisher/Imprints

So do I just move the folder.css file to the Correct Imprint folder?

any hope of finding a live copy of this theme?

(with the scripts)

Or has development stopped? 

Thank you!

Sorry, getting back into my Dropbox after a couple years and I broke the old link.

Here is a new link to the old version of the theme.

just for the sake of completeness.....

Is there an older link to a newer version of the theme?


(and happy Thanksgiving) 

I haven't given up on the version I posted previews of (I use it myself), it's just not to the point I want it to be before release. I figure for simplicity's sake, and the fact that I can't edit the main post, I'll start a new thread when it's time.

Obviously my momentum isn't what it used to be, so I want to make sure that what I put out is solid in case I get pulled into another project and it falls by the wayside again.


Just a heads-up: the next major version of Ubooquity (planned for someday in 2019) will break the themes retrocompatibility.

I'm working on merging books and comics section, and allow more freedom of customization (meaning HTML templates in addition to CSS, images and JS).

Nice, that'll make for some slick options!


I reread my post and realized, if the reader's sense of humor isn't as warped as mine.... the post might come across as mean/rude/demanding.... if that is the case --- I apologize profusely .. it was meant to be a humorous play on words and nothing more...


since the pubtheme github havent seen much love in ages and has a ton of messy html. 
i made a fork and corrected it across the board to use `../` paths instead of direct paths like `/comics/`

also cleaned up the messy imprint stuff as on all of them as they where a mess to look at.

ofc, also added the skin by KanadaKid and powered by ubooquity across the board. 

will keep working on this and push out more publishers and imprints that i either have and isnt there or is on sites like comixology. 

most of those older paths in the html broke much of the theme, like coloring, headers and other neat stuff.

on a side note, need more docs on how the story arc stuff works in general as its not totally obvious.

The story arc stuff didn't really pan out the way I had hoped, so I mostly abandoned it. Always planned to document as I redid, then lost the motivation to redo.

If people are still using it, I'll have to add the functionality back in to my next release. 

i want to use it and its frankly needed in the UI as any other way would be to KNOW or lookup the arcs outside of the UI. or make custom folders for it. 

i guess i could technically hardlink the files into another folder for the arcs technically.

but i think an semi-automatic way of doing would make more sense.

sadly CR story arc lists and smart lists is not amazing either.

I would love to have the story arcs working ---- if you need programming help let me know...


I did use it to start with but had some issues with it. I then found out that Mylar had this option too and i have been using that ever since. So, while it would be great to have Story Arcs in Ubooquity, i don't know if it's 100% necessary, especially if it means you can focus on other areas. 

I know we can do `[[FOLDER]]/folder.jpg` to point to the image in the folder of the publisher or series.
Now, how do I load an image from the publisher folder inside the series folder. 
Im talking ofc about the series .html files and it having the publisher logo with the URL.

So it would always go up one level and get the folder.jpg from there. But the example file talked about for example here doesn't show it either.

The series examples we have, use the theme/publisher/image.jpg path instead of doing it directly in the folder.
`<a src="../../theme/publishers/Image.jpg">`

But instead I would want to load something like:

`<a src="../[[FOLDER]]/folder.jpg">`

Or something similar, do any of you know how to fix this without needing to have dupe files on different locations, one publisher image should be enough IMO.

This would make it easier to update on a larger scale, allow for a single script to make the series html files as it doesn't need to point anywhere direct. and those not familiar with the code can just change the publisher file to change it across the site.

I guess the fallback i could take would be to have a pub/publisher.jpg file in each series too.... not what i want.
I guess the theme direct link is better at that point... sigh.

I've just installed the newest version of Ubooquity, and I've put the Comixology theme into the /themes folder, but when I look inside of the General settings of Admin I only see "default". What am I doing wrong?

Did you unzip it first before placing it in the theme folder?
make sure the Comixology folder is unzipped before you place it there. 
That would be this folder: https://github.com/CuddleBear92/Ubooquity-Themes/tree/master/Theme/comixology/comixology
That is just a backup and a mirror of the other download link.

HI Scott. I've tried to download the theme without success (got 404 dropbox error). Could you please give me the correct url? Thanks. 

I have a backup of it here: https://github.com/CuddleBear92/Ubooquity-Themes/tree/master/Theme
Unless Scott updated it since then, then you should be all good!
You will also find more publisher files if you want it.

Took a break from this though, need to get back into filling it out.

@KanadaKid (Scott)
The dropbox link is erroring out with a 404, didn't move the folder or something did you?

I did, though I posted a new link 3 months ago (it's just not super easy to see because of the layout of this forum).

The emails as of late have pushed me to finally release my revamped theme. I'll be throwing together a new thread once I have the GitHub page fleshed out with readme's and images.

Publisher pages will need to be revamped a little, I simplified them. I'll post a new set of what I have as a template sometime soon.

Until then, here is the GitHub link. Since it's out there now, there's no need to mirror this version. https://github.com/scooterpsu/Comixology_Ubooquity_2

Good good!
will drop the local github mirror then and link to it.

Thank you very much guys. :-)

Hi Scott. Can you please upload, even if old, a readme file? I'm trying the theme but something is not working properly. 

For instance the homepage is almost empthy (trying to load something) and the navigation bar contains only home and mobile links.

I forgot something? Tnx

Please continue to use the one linked here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kbgftdyosk9y19b/AAAjbsjOKqDvVemoNnLBjcCya?dl=0 until I open a new support thread. The link I gave was more a indicator things were still coming than anything else.

The above should be fixed now (it was that you didn't have users setup) I think I've tested any scenario like that.


any chance to have a link for the first initial version (which actually i prefered but i have lost my backup :()

thanks in advance