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watch for special chars in the filename, ubooquity seems having problems with accentued chars. Specially for cbr and cbz.

I feel a little bit confuse, i never thought to command you nor order you. I really apologise if you think that. And that sfk thing was just an idea. I promise u to never donate a cent :-) 

your doing a good job, thank you again.

Many thanks Tom for your answer and for your work. I totaly understand that it take time. I'll be happy to help you making your fantastic work a little better, so I'll send you money as soon as I can.

You're right Gauntlet, it's a solution, and i'll apply it in the next week. But as far as it's not possible to easely manage files and folders by the users, it'll be a one man action for a group of readers instead of give parents deciding for their kid's  by an "sfk approuved" button.

*Is it possible