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I had never heard of ZenCBR and I'm missing in what way it's useful (I am very obsessive about organizing my comics, so that may be why I don't see much point in it) but just from looking at the source code I can see it's done in PowerBasic.

This means you can just continue it in PowerBasic or port if to a similar Basic alternative (I personally use Xojo, but that's a preference).

PowerBasic, like Xojo, have been around forever and are still popularly in use today. You can grab the source code and compile directly to executables that don't need any additional installs or runtimes and for smaller programs they're a lot simpler to manage than almost anything else out there.

The whole source code is a tad below 2 thousand lines. It should be easy to port it to another Basic compiler. While I would use Xojo (which compiles to win, mac and linux) you could port it to freebasic, which is free and compiles to Linux (and aims to be compatible to QuickBasic, same as PowerBasic, which may make porting easy)

That's a shame. Works for me as I convert everything to CBZ (which I prefer for various reasons) but I understand it's a bummer.

I've updated, cleaned the database and it now works perfectly. Thanks! :D

Holy snaps!

Testing right away!

Was there a problem in the CBR or is there a problem with the unrar library getting the comments. I used the command line but the library you're using may not handle comments.

If you need different types of sample files or if the files threw an error let me know and I'll try to come up with new ones.


This is a zip file with two CBZ and two CBR. All four files have a single JPG in them and all are tagged with exactly the same data. I have tagged all four with ComicTagger without modifying the data in any file afterwards:

The files with CBI in the name have ComicBookInfo JSON tags in the comments of the archive.

The comment in a zip file can be seen with this command: 

unzip -z *CBI.cbz

The comment in a rar file can be seen wit this command:

rar v *.CBI.cbr

The JSON looks like this:

JSON Formatted for human reading:

The files with CR in the name have ComicRack tags in an XML file called ComicInfo.xml inside the archive.

The XML file contents look like this:

I appreciate the response. I understand your reasoning and respect it even though it's not what I'd prefer :)

I agree that CBR, CBR or rarer ones like CBT or CB7 should only store and not compress. And for this the STORE method from ZIP is much cleaner, faster and simpler to implement. In the end the point is not the compression but the packaging.

Sadly (to my eyes), CBR is the de facto standard out there. As a developer myself I much prefer zip so I standardized to CBZ early on and from there CBI tags seemed the logical choice (also because they don't "touch" the contents of the package, something I thought was the least I could do since I was renaming the archives. Also because from working for a long time with MP3 and MP4 files, I got very used to quick tag updates and only CBZ+CBI could provide that.

To be honest, all tagging standards are questionable, but it's because they've had to make do with the previous de facto standard (CBZ/CBR).

Thanks again, and congratulations on Ubooquity. I finally upgraded to 2.0 today after much insistence from the Application and there hasn't been a problem at all. Looking around for themes I *discovered* I should be able to see a lot more data than I do (I think it was looking at the Comixology theme, which doesn't work in 2.1.0 anyway but still...) and looking around discovered why I have never been able to see it online. Metadata is the only reason I continue using also Comicstreamer for some cases (it uses Comictagger behind the scenes, so it reads CBI)

Comictagger can produce the proper tags Ubooquity currently supports. You just need to change the read and modify format to ComicRack. I imagine you have Comicbooklover's format which is faster but is currently not recognized by UBooquity (from what I can see).

You can change the format and the details as captured from Comicvine by comictagger should start appearing in Ubooquity.

I've just realised I'm getting half of the potential experience because of this.  All my comics are CBI'd CBZs rather than Comicrack's.

I find ComicRack's tagging terrible in all respects, as it requires uncompression and recompression of the files whenever something is changed. CBI's tagging works on the ZIP comment so it can be rewritten in a second, even for CBZs of hundred's of megabytes.

Has CBL tagging ever been considered for Ubooquity? Comictagger supports both and can convert between one and the other, but CBI on CBZ has too many advantages to ignore (CBR vs CBZ arguments are moot, as files are pre-compressed and savings differences are minimal).

I tried searching the forum but didn't find anything.

Perhaps it could be implemented so if there's CR tags it uses those and only if there aren't then it looks for CBI and uses them if existing?

CBI Scheme:

Same here. I used the link when passing the external address (as it changes from time to time) and to quickly check it out when connecting remotely (via teamviewer). It looks like a silly thing but it was the easiest place in my computer to get this info and the final URL for Ubooquity in one go :D (this is currently the only thing I use the external URL for).