OPDS XML Special Characters

Seth Chhim 3 years ago updated by Gauthier 1 year ago 2

I have a request to make the xml feed handle special characters properly. Some characters should not be represented literally. There are many many more but I am most concerned with the ampersand (&) character. It is considered an escape character for parsing.

Original Character XML entity replacement XML numeric replacement
" ""
> >>
&& &
' ''

For development purposes, I think it would be best if the "translation" happened server side. Thanks for the consideration and keep up the good work!

Well, html changed my post automagically. Here is the data again as a screenshot:

I second that, the XML produced is not valid against standard validators, which makes integration with third-party difficult.

Ideally it should pass against the OPDS validator: https://opds-validator.appspot.com/