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FinalAngel 6 years ago updated by flyboy65 5 years ago 21

Hello everyone, I've created a theme based on the popular Plex Media Server. It's still work in progress but works already pretty well. You can download it from GitHub. Here some screenshots:Image 394

Image 395

Image 396

Image 398

Thanks, as an avid Plex user I will certainly give this one a try.

GREAT work, looks awesome. Another Plex user here!

Everything works fine from first looks, just noticed the back button always drops me to the book or comic root when navigating within my folder structure (not only one level up).

Again, well done!

Thanks RiC, I just pushed a fix that uses history.back, should work now :)

That did it!

Noticed another thing: when opening a book or comic at the bottom of a large directory, the Download/Read Now window opens at the top of the page, requiring to scroll up in order to see it.

Hey RiC, this has also been fixed with some additional minor changes (added a CHANGELOG)

Thanks, works like a charm!

Did I install your theme correctly?   I copied the zip file to my themes folder, unzipped it there.  I restarted my Ubooquity server and chose the Plex theme from the pulldown menu.  When the server restarted, I get a white background with no top menu items to navigate.  Do I have to change file permissions after unzipping?

Thanks for any advice.  I am installing on a QNAP TS-453Be.


Hello cejonas, I installed it through git clone but it should be the same as downloading the theme. It might be cache that is showing the wrong css, can you empty your browser cache? Either through the settings or in Chrome through Shift + CMD + R). If that doesn't help what browser are you using? Do you see any errors in your browsers debugging console?

Good idea FinalAngel... I will try that tonight!

Hey FinalAngel

Love this theme! Noticed 2 things.

First, I'm getting a blurry image on the pop-up:

Is there something I need to do to fix this? 

Also, for digital comics, the covers are a half-length (or wide) image:

And on the browsing screen, it shows funny I think because it is being stretched:

Other than that, this is an awesome theme! Great job :)

Hello John, thank you for the feedback! For the best result set the thumbnail size to the maximum in the settings. That would prevent the blurry images. The images also get scaled to the regular size (always the same). I do not stretch them to be larger at all to keep a unified look.

Hi FinalAngel, great theme!  One thing I have found is that it doesn't seem to respect the "reverse proxy prefix" when clicking the Home button.  It wants to take me to the root level of the website instead of the Ubooquity level.  I may be doing something wrong, but I haven't had this issue with other themes.

I hope this helps and thanks for the theme!

I actually never used the reverse proxy setting (wasn't even aware) let me check and get back to you if I figure out a fix.

I was able to push a fix, can you test if it works for you as expected?

That works here!  Well done and thanks again.

I absolutely adore this theme, also an avid Plex user. I'm however still trying to figure out two things after changing to this theme or if it''s due to me rebuilding the whole DBs - I hope you can either confirm or deny :):
1) The search box doesn't provide the hits I expect, more then often there are no hits at all

2) I often have 3 layers to push through before I get to the actual book, 1) Author -> 2) Book Title -> Book Title -> Book. I'm not sure why there is an extra layer

Any ideas? I really suspect it's due to me rebuilding the DB but for the off-chance it's not I have to wonder out-loud

Hi, I was just able to test the search box, changing themes does indeed have an impact on the search result.

I switched to the default theme, and I got two hits when searching - (1) The author of the book and (2) The book itself. While using this Plex theme, I got zero hits.

Would it be possible for you to see why there is a different search result depending on the active theme? Thanks in advance

Hello, there was a bug in the search form always defaulting to comics, now it should work. This only applies though if you are in the correct context (books or comics). The root still doesn't work as intended. It requires either comics or books to be in context. I'll check that further.

Thanks a lot for this awesome theme :-)

Thanks for the kind feedback! You are very welcome.


As a new ubooquity user, but long time plex user i have to compliment your efforts. Awesome theme.