Found a good Junrar fork

Seth Chhim 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 22


Please consider using this fork or merging. Some of my users are unable to stream because Ubooquity can't process the CBR file with it's current junrar version. If they download the CBR to the client which uses the version posted above, it works fine. Not all files fail to load, it is just some random ones I have not found the specific issue.

Possibly related https://ubooquity.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/298-unreadable-cbr


I forked this repo two months ago and applied a few fixes provided by a friend of mine who uses it as well.


Now I have to find the time to finish the content I want to put in the next version and release it.

(and I should rebase my fork code as development has resumed since I forked it apparently)

Thanks for the info, I appreciate this kind of help ! :)

Nice, I will check out your friend's fixes, thanks. 

I was actually mistaken on the mentioned cbr file. It was an issue where the archive contained a folder with the images instead of directly in the archive.

Well, this new Junrar version will fix some issues at least (I am now able to read some files that resulted in errors before), so it is worth the change anyway.

(although I would prefer people completely stopping using RAR files, but that's another story ;))

Any news on how to use this new junrar part? I have a lot of files what cannot be unpacked when they are rarred with ie. winrar .. zip no issue, so sometimes I rezip them rather than rar them, but I get the comics mostly in cbr .. (sigh) ;)

+/- 10.000 comics in the database

I guess you will have to wait for the next server release. If you are curious and have an Android device, my app uses the new junrar fork. You would need to download a comic via the app and then try to load the comic. https://github.com/sethchhim/Kuboo

Thanks for the suggestion Seth. But no Android here (yet), only apple stuff ;) So I have to wait or do the heavy job re-zipping it ;)

I hope you don't have to rezip, that would be too much work. E-mail me a sample rar or set and I will be happy to test for you. sethchhim@gmail.com

Thanks Seth, just sent you a transferxl link with 2 files. The first of the 2 cannot be unpacked, the 2nd one is ok.

if not received the link let me know, than I will put the link here ;)

Archive -> Files [Valid]

Archive -> Folder -> Files [Not Valid]

It looks like your problem is the archive contains a sub-directory and then the files. The junrar fork is not relevant to your case. This could be fixed in the extraction process, but would require a bit more logic. Hope this helps.

ok will check if that helps. if not I send you a new file ;)

@seth I just send you the file without folder, same issue no cover and not able to read the content

Could you send it to me as well ?

It will be useful for testing Junrar versions.

Ok I was mistaken, it is probably junrar unable to extract. I even tried to create the rar archive myself and it failed as well.

W/Archive: exception in archive constructor maybe file is encrypted or currupt
com.github.junrar.exception.RarException: badRarArchive

Hi Tom, no problem, any email whereto?

This is what I see when no folder inside anymore even remove the thumb.d

20181004 16:04:37 [qtp599984672-170] WARN com.ubooquity.f.a - Failed to read fi le, checking potential extension mistake (cbz/cbr) for: /export/strips/Het Terri torium/Het Territorium - 01 - Lijkschouwing.cbr
20181004 16:04:37 [qtp599984672-170] INFO com.ubooquity.f.a - File type is RAR (cbr)
20181004 16:04:37 [qtp599984672-170] INFO com.ubooquity.f.a - No extension mist ake detected.
20181004 16:04:37 [qtp599984672-170] WARN com.ubooquity.provider.page.a - Could not extract page 0 from document /export/strips/Het Territorium/Het Territorium - 01 - Lijkschouwing.cbr (NullPointerException)

I was able to create a rar archive with winrar so that the server can successfully process it. The issue was I needed to select RAR4 archive format instead of RAR. I assume RAR refers to RAR5, so downgrading to RAR4 somehow works with Ubooquity. Whatever works I guess.

Thanks, I'll get it.

If the problem is the version of RAR (5) though, there is no solution in sight as junrar does not support it:


@set, confirmed, put it in rar4 and issue gone .. 

good to know, but I believe if more people will upgrade, the issue will be more reported ;) good for a wiki ;)

For reference, the Junrar version used in Ubooquity 2.1.2 is now this one:


(latest junrar/junrar version with my fix on top)

great.. running 2.1.2 now ;) 

where can I find the release notes?