Open Souorce Ubooquity?

Mårten Woxberg 2 years ago updated 8 months ago 14
The last time you adresed thjis was 6 years ago. You stated then that when you became "bored" you'd maybe Open Source the project.
The last release of Ubooquity was 2018-10-14. It's been 4 years without releases.

I for one would like for Ubooquity to read ComicInfo.xml files that are side-cared but that doesn't seem to be an option,
and adding new features is impossible when the project isn't open source.

it's been 4 years. Time to move on. Have you tried Komga?

there's also Kavita, but it's been a wip for a bit and I haven't checked it out in a while. 

Yes, I've tried them both.

That has nothing to do with my question.


That would be nice. Why not release it as open source if you no longer plan on supporting or updating it? This is still the best comic book server anywhere. Your work should live on, even if you personally don't have time to update it yourself. 

Tried Jellyfin with Bookshelf. It does the job and it is open sourced.

Does the job...

Seriously, give Komga a look. The Tachiyomi app for offline reading integration makes it really great. 

I'm running Komga as well. I'm finding Jellyfin is pretty plug and play. Komga takes a while to setup. For my collection it took about 2 days to run the setup. Jellyfin took about an hour. Jellyfin has a built in reader that works with web browsers plus they have clients for Android TV, Roku, etc. It's a media server/client application like Emby and Kodi.

Overall, it's fast to navigate and setting up faster even then Ubooquity I'm finding, however Ubooquity is still faster in loading comics once you find them. Jellyfin is easy to navigate. It reads comicinfo.xml (both comicrack and comicbooklover) in .cbz or side-cared comicinfo.xml which Marten requested. It allows for the publisher - volume navigation. It follows the same naming schema as Ubooquity. Sees and displays folder.jpg for Publishers and Volumes. It's open sourced so it can be customized. Of course, Jellyfin's main focus is in video and audio but I was surprised by how well it works. I don't think it has comictaggging ability but I use Mylar for comictagging and generation volume folder.jpgs. 

One negative is that there does not appear to be a zoom setting in the reader.

I guess the question should have been "Have I tried Jellyfin?". Really, I'm glad it ended up working so well out of the box for you. Komga definitely took me a good long time to setup, specifically because I setup each Publisher as its own library, but at this point I'm so deep in my read/unread status that I'll hopefully never change apps again.

It took a lot of work but looks so good with publishers setup that way though.

Image 795

Oh, and Mylar FTW. I donate at least once a year to EvilHero.


You know what I would like to try? I'd like to try Ubooquity after it has been Open Sourced. The plug-in system alone is of huge value. What is the deal, why the reluctance to open source?

Did you even read my post?
"The last time you addressed this was 6 years ago".

That was the post I was referring too, now it's been 7 years

 Did you even read the comments? Tom replied just 1 year ago. 

Damn, look at Tom go!

Happy the dude is still alive and I bet v3.0 is awesome. 

latest comment that I can see in that thread is 2 years old.

but it's ok. I've moved on