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I really appreciate your work on ubooquity, and would be eager to collaborate on improving it. you mentionned in a couple of places that you may consider making ubooquity open-source, have you made progress on the idea? There are a lot of features that could be implemented/improved and I'm sure it could go faster if we went collaborative on ubooquity


I have thought about it and decided against open, sourcing Ubooquity.

Merging pull requests and "managing" a community are not activities I would do for fun (I'm already doing enough of this at work).

So open sourcing Ubooquity would only result in frustration for contributors and/or a complete loss of control over my work when somebody decides to fork it.

If at some point I get bored and stop working on it, then I'll open source Ubooquity so that it can continue to evolve and improve.

In the meantime, I'll work toward making Ubooquity more modular and open to "external" modifications (I'm thinking themes and plugins).

When I see what some users already accomplished with themes (although the modifications Ubooquity currently allows are pretty limited), it encourages me to give them more tools to work with.

:-( too bad, for once that I was wiling to participate in the development of a project and had some knowledge of the langage



I know this thread is a bit old. I was just noticing that there haven't been any news updates or releases posted since October of 2018. Based on your original reply, you said that you would think about open sourcing Ubooquity if development pace slowed or you lost interest. Has this move been anything you've thought about more? So grateful for all that you do, and don't want to hound you on this - but just wanted to check in given no recent releases!

Thank you again for releasing a great project!


I haven't lost interest, and development is still in progress.

There have been few impediments to the developments these past few years though, mostly kids, and more recently a global pandemic. ;)


Hi Tom,

I still believe you should open source the project, I would insist tha tyou do: it seems many people are willing to participate, and it's frustrating not be able to, espacially in theis time of confinment where many have a lot of time on our hands. 

Besides, you're using open source projects for building ubooquity, and it's only natural to give back to the open source community the wonderfull work you've done with it. 

@Elouan I remember the hope I had when I saw your post 3 years ago.

I think you should have a look at Komga, different techno but open souce project with an open-minded creator. It's quite new but after a few monthes it already have most of the Ubooquity functionalities.

I still have both Komga and Ubooquity running side by side but I think I will unplug one soon when it would have totally replaced the other one.

HI! I didn't know about Komga, thanks for pointing it to my knowledge. It looks promising, I will definitely have a look at it, although I would prefer keep ubooquity that has done a fine job, beeing stable, and reliable for all this time, it would really be a shame if it became abandonned because of slow developement 


Hi Tom,

So, you might be avoiding this thread at this point, and that's fine. I just stumbled onto the site/project after searching around for an alternative to Calibre.

In a way, (and this is just pedantry and not really directed to you) Ubooquity is already "open-source" in that all of the code is viewable with a simple `jar xf Ubooquity.jar` Not that I dug deeper beyond that to see if there was any sort of obfuscation further down the line. And I don't think that is really what folks are looking for or, after reading your comments above, what I believe you disagree with. Where I think the friction is, is in the licensing.

The first part, which I personally don't agree with, but completely respect your right to include in something that you crafted, is where it states:

Modification of the Ubooquity software is not allowed.

I don't think you would ever chase someone down if they decided to edit the code on their installation of Ubooquity, but technically it doesn't allow for them to do so legally. Again, pedantry/nit-picky, but it plays into the second part.

Which is, the part of the license that also says:

Redistribution of the Ubooquity software is not allowed without explicit authorization from its author (users must download it from the Ubooquity website: http://vaemendis.net/ubooquity).

What we have with these two sections in the license is the inability for someone else to take this code (again, legally and being nitpicky) and host it on someplace like Github to work collaboratively with others on it.

Now, I wholeheartedly agree with your reluctance to manage all that mess yourself. In my own personal projects, which admittedly have never gotten even a fraction, of a fraction of the interest that yours has, I explicitly state that if someone wants to fork it and work on it, they can, but I won't be monitoring PRs etc. Again, like you, I have enough of that in my own life.

However, what we have here are a (small) number of interested folks in helping contribute to the growth of this project even as your own ability to contribute slows as other, more important, parts of your life take away the time that might have been spent working on it.

Where I'm going with this is to offer up that maybe there's a solution here to amend the license to remove those two sections. The number of people asking for access to contribute is very, very, small. But with that change, they could be directed to creating their own fork to work on it on their own with others. There are other projects that do that and then sometimes cherry-pick commits from those other forked projects to pull back into their own.

You seem better versed in licensing based off of how well you cite the third-party libraries included in Ubooquity. So this isn't meant to be a push or a shove, just putting it out there in the slim chance that you haven't already considered it or are planning on it for some future date already. 

I hope you're doing well in these crazy times, thank you for this useful piece of software you've put out into the world, and if you've made it this far, for taking the time to read my thoughts.