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thats close to what i think is needed, the only thing would be to have it good for 2 pages or 1 on a screen.

if it had the good look and feel then I would stop my belly aching :)

Still love the comic side beyond belief.

I just saw readium, that would be above and beyond as part of ubooquity. Please tell me there is a way right now to integrate behind the scenes or will be part of a release.

Oh I understand, and believe me, I love what you have done, this to me is just a pain and would love to see in the next release.

As for the use of Google Play, it was just an idea or a visual representation of what I believe the pages should look like.

BTW when is the next release or at least beta coming out?

if you upload the epub file it will automatically paginate properly depending on the screen size. if it is a book file (epub, mobi...) it should know the size of the screen and end at a margin. or make it port over to something else for reading.

Stupid question, but how does Google Play books do it. Because pagination in Ubooquity wasnt working, I download from Ubooquity and then uploaded to Google Play. Either way, if a channel could be used or figure out how google displays the epubs.

Well do please keep it on the enhancement list. By the way a fantastic reader otherwise for comics.

I mean can Ubooquity be updated so that it has an option to page the epub correctly, i.e X amount of lines per page?"

is there anything that can be updated to Ubooquity, It is great with comics.

Then how do other readers paginate the information (i.e. Sumatra) It knows how to page correctly. There must be a way to make it nice to read in a browser.

Why doesnt it page correctly.The entire chapter it thinks is a page.